What is it?  The Workshop on Text-Driven Preaching is a 2-day training event aimed to encourage and equip you with the skills needed to read, understand, and proclaim the Word of God.

David Allen comments that the biblical and theological foundation of “Text-Driven Preaching” is that “God has spoken. God is not silent. He has revealed Himself in Jesus, who is the living Word, and in Scripture, which is the written Word.” It is with this foundation in mind, that this workshop seeks to equip pastors and co-laborers with the tools needed to study for and preach text-driven sermons. It also gives an opportunity to put these tools into practice with mutual encouragement and sharpening from pastors and laborers with a similar commitment to text-driven preaching. Further, the tools you receive will also help you replicate and raise up more laborers in your congregation to preach and teach the Word of God with confidence that the sermon or lesson is firmly grounded in the text of Scripture. And finally, you will have the opportunity to be encouraged and challenged through listening to faithful, text-driven preaching.

Who Should Attend? The Workshop on Text-Driven Preaching is for men who are responsible for regularly preaching and teaching. We also welcome those who are training for ministry. Pastors are also encouraged to bring men they are raising up to take on preaching and teaching responsibilities.

The Text-Driven Preaching Workshop is designed for pastors (full-time, bi-vocational, church planters, etc.) to grow and sharpen their preparation and preaching skills, as well as aid in raising up men from their own congregations who can confidently take the pulpit or lectern to preach and teach.

How Should I Prepare? During the small groups, you will have an opportunity to get feedback on work you’ve prepared in advance. The worksheet for small groups will be e-mailed two weeks prior to the event. Attendees are encouraged to begin studying the assigned passages from 1 John as early as possible for maximum benefit.

In addition to world-class instruction in our main sessions, the Text-Driven Preaching Workshop will give opportunities to put the instruction into practice. Focusing in on 1 John, each attendee will be required to prepare and present work from one or two passages of Scripture. Participants will also receive helpful feedback and encouragement to further sharpen their skills. The small groups and sessions are each vital to this workshop, and as such, are a requirement for participation in the workshop. Please plan on attending every session and small group.

Small Group Texts: 1 John 1:1-4; 1 John 2:18-27; 1 John 3:19-24; 1 John 4:7-11


$30 USD before December 15th

$40 USD before January 15th

Breakfast on Saturday and Refreshments are provided on site at no cost. Other meals will be the responsibility of each attendee.

MTSBC will cover a hotel room for MTSBC Pastors traveling over 75 miles.

Registration Closed


Friday, January 27

2:00 pm – Pre-Conference Session (Dr. Marvin Jones - Preaching the Trinity)
3:30 pm - Break
3:45 pm - Greetings and Session 1
4:45 pm - Dinner in town
6:30 pm - Session 2
7:30 pm - Worship service
8:30 pm - Dismiss

Saturday, January 28

8:00 am - Breakfast on site
8:30 am - Session 3
9:30 am - Break
9:45 am - Session 4
10:45 am - Q&A
11:00 am - Small Group 1
12:00 pm - Lunch in town
1:30 pm - Session 5
2:30 pm - Break
2:45 pm - Small Group 2
3:45 pm - Break
4:00 pm - Worship Service
5:00 pm - Dismiss