We’re Getting Closer

Barrett DukeAll Enews

The Montana Southern Baptist Convention continues to grow its ability to serve our churches. Things are coming together in really great ways. Darren Hales, our Church Strengthening Director, has been crisscrossing the state and bringing some superb ministry training events to our churches. Recently, just for example, he has helped to put together and promote training for effective small group … Read More

It Started in a Coffee Shop

Darren HalesAll Enews, Planting Team, Strengthening Team

How can the prayers of 5 college students in Pullman, WA, be used by God to start a collegiate church planting movement? That’s a great question! It’s an amazing story of life transformation, which is now unfolding at the University of Montana and Montana State University! I They longed to see the Kingdom of Heaven experienced on earth! As they … Read More

Prayer Is the Work

Lee MerckAll Enews, Planting Team

In October of 2020, I began serving as the Lead Church Planting Catalyst for the state of Montana. When I received the call, there was no doubt in my mind that God had opened doors, and that He had prepared me and my family to lead the way in helping start new churches across the state of Montana. I was … Read More

Strength, Strategy and Strongholds

Ryan CooperAll Enews

In the war in Afghanistan in the 2000’s, the United States established American Combat Outpost (COP) Keating in a rural area of Northeast Afghanistan with the purpose to stop the transport of arms into Afghanistan from Pakistan. COP Keating was situated at the base of three mountains, making landings, support, and other maneuvers very difficult. In addition, the roads to … Read More

Island with No Power, No Airport Receives Shoebox Gifts

Samaritan's PurseAll Enews

CHILDREN ON A REMOTE ISLAND IN THE PACIFIC RECEIVE SHOEBOX GIFTS AND THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. The small island of Enubirr has no electrical power and no airport. Located in the central Pacific between the Philippines and Hawaii, Enubirr is part of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and home to just over 1,000 people. Most residents work on … Read More