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“What we do relentlessly on this side of the globe affects those on that side of the globe.” – Ruth Ripken

I am often asked why I decided to get involved in Women’s Missionary Union (WMU) or Montana Southern Baptist Women (MSBW).  My answer after the initial response that God called me, is one thing:  I saw a whole generation that was losing connection to missionaries and missions.  If we don’t teach our young people about missions and other cultures, they might miss the moment that stirs their heart with love to share Jesus with a certain people or place.  

Recently, Carla Bell and I were invited to attend the Kentucky WMU Missions Celebration to share about MSBW.  They wanted to hear about what WMU looks like in Montana.  We were so thankful to be able to share about this amazing place God has called us to, and some of the challenges and blessings of ministry here.  The Kentucky WMU asked us to come speak because they had partnered with us to try to help us to raise our Touch Tomorrow Today endowment (TTT) fund to $25,000.  The money from this endowment is used at the discretion of our state WMU organization (MSBW), and currently we are using this money to fund our scholarships for women in MTSBC churches that want to go on mission.  When we started our partnership with Kentucky, I believe the TTT account was close to $13,000.  As of April, the account holds $21,154.  After speaking at the meeting, one of the Kentucky church’s Women on Mission leaders contacted us and said that her group decided to give everything in their bank account to help support us in Montana.  What a blessing!

Carla Bell, MSBW president was overwhelmed by the way the Kentucky ladies received us.  She said, “They were so eager to hear our stories and be a part of God’s work.  Many expressed wanting to come, to do, to join us.”

As I listened to the above words, I was struck over and over by the quote from Ruth.  What we do in Montana, affects those, not only here, but also in other places.  We are not unimportant or insignificant in God’s kingdom.  YOU are NOT unimportant in God’s kingdom.  

If we can help you or your church with missions or missions education, please reach out.  Let’s get to work making disciples of Jesus who live on mission! You can contact Sharon Ellington at sharon@msbwonline.com or Carla at carla@msbwonline.com.

About the Author

Sharon Ellington

Sharon is the Executive Director of Montana Southern Baptist Women. She also serves at Jordan Community Bible church where her husband, KJ, is the pastor.