Crossover Kalispell is Coming

Barrett DukeAll Enews

On Saturday, October 5, we will hold our second Crossover event. This time we’ll be reaching people in the Kalispell area. Named after the same event the Southern Baptist Convention has been holding for years now, Crossover reminds us of the vision the Apostle Paul had one night. Luke tells us: During the night Paul had a vision in which … Read More

Supporting a Church Plant

William JohnsonAll Enews, Planting Team

Supporting a Church Plant At any time, there are church planters in Montana that you and/or your church can support in a number of ways. Through supporting, every church can have a part in planting new churches. The level to which your church becomes involved is up to you. There are three basic levels of involvement, and all are extremely … Read More

A Respite for the Soul and Reaching Out for Help

Darren HalesAll Enews, Strengthening Team

One thing pastors often fail to do well is to take some time of Sabbath and Sabbatical.  Times of rest and refreshing are so important to our long-term health but the pressing needs of ministry priorities and life responsibilities often drown out the crying of our soul.  This is even more prevalent among our bi-vocational pastors who manage full-time jobs … Read More

College – The Most Strategic Ministry?

Adam BurtAll Enews, Next-Gen

Do you remember your college years? Do you wish there was more gospel presence or less during that time? For many young adults, college is the first time out of their parent’s home; quite far from that home in some cases.  During college, many will meet lifelong friends, future spouses, cement their priorities/world view and make Ramen Noodles one of … Read More

God is Good…All the Time

Rhonda MagnerAll Enews

God is good…all the time. And all the time…God is good. This is something you frequently hear at Trinity Baptist Church in Billings Heights. It was the first Sunday morning in March when the members at TBC voted on a goal for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. “Well, we stretched ourselves last year when we set a goal of $2,500.00. … Read More

What to Do When You Want to Give Up

Pastor Rick WarrenAll Enews, Strengthening Team

Originally published by on July 23, 2019 I hear from pastors all the time who are ready to give up. They’re tired. They’re frustrated. They feel like they’ve failed their family, their congregation—and God. Any veteran church leader has experienced discouragement. In fact, some of us have been through several trying seasons. It’s not a sin to get discouraged—it … Read More

Governing Documents: Protecting your church or putting it at risk?

mtsbcAll Enews

What is the state of your church’s governing documents? Incomplete, out-of-date, in need of review? Maybe you’re not sure what state they are in, or maybe your church recently updated them – but an attorney wasn’t involved. Your church’s governing documents, such as your employment policies, bylaws, constitution, facility use policy, and others, are important. They can either provide legal … Read More

On the border: ‘Urgent need’ to show Christ’s love

Baptist PressAll Enews

Written by Diana Chandler, Baptist Press TIJUANA, Mexico (BP) — The two adult sisters risked their lives in a months-long journey from Cameroon in Central Africa to Tijuana, Mexico. Southern Baptist pastor Marshal Ausberry was surprised to see them at the Southern U.S. border seeking asylum in America. Marshal Ausberry, first vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention, traveled to … Read More