Celebrating Church Planting Impacts in Montana

William JohnsonAll Enews, Planting Team

In today’s world, it is easy to see what someone is doing in an instant through social media, text messages, video calls, etc. It is a great way to keep up through a “snapshot” about an experience that one is having and wanting to share with family and friends. It’s a great way for others to celebrate and enjoy the event, even though they cannot be with you in the moment.

Following are a few snapshots of great things happening in some of our young churches that have been planted in the last few years. Remember, this isn’t the whole story, and it’s not all of the church plants, but it is just a snippet of moments worth celebrating. The date beside the church name is the year that the church began.

Elevation Church held a Pop-Up Church in Lockwood on Easter

Elevation Church, Billings (2013) – Easter 2019 was the largest attended service in the history of the church, with 712 in attendance. On Palm Sunday, there were two decisions for Christ, followed by 11 more Easter Sunday. Elevation also sponsored Pop-Up Church in Lockwood as a means of discovering another opportunity for a future church plant in a growing community near Billings. This outreach had 57 people in attendance!

Church of the Rockies, Red Lodge (2014) – In recent months, COTR celebrated another salvation decision and are looking forward to baptizing three in the near future. Six people completed the new member orientation and are looking to join the church family. There were 144 people in attendance at the Easter service.

Church of the Rockies is celebrating new decisions, new members, and baptisms

Gateway Church, Columbia Falls (2017) – This young church is driven to share the gospel. In 2018, they recorded 196 individual gospel conversations and saw seven salvations and three baptisms. Already in 2019, 74 more gospel conversations have been had and another person made a decision for Christ!

Capstone Church, Helena (2017) – Capstone Church celebrated its second anniversary on Easter and have seen two salvations in the last few months. Of the attendees at this young church, 80% are serving in the church in some capacity. This summer, they have five mission teams coming to help with ministry projects and outreaches in the capital city.

Bethel Baptist Church is Montana’s first Replant

Bethel Baptist, Billings (2018) – Bethel celebrated their first year after replanting in January of 2018. This church has grown significantly in a one-year time span and have added new ministries, including a youth ministry. Bethel took 11 students to Get Real East in April and saw six of those students go forward to make a decision for Christ.

Expedition Church, Livingston (2018) – With just a year since its launch, there is a lot to celebrate with this new church. In 2019, there has been one salvation and three people are scheduled to be baptized. There have been 24 people serving in the community ranging in age from 7-70’s. Through mercy ministries, Expedition church has impacted over 325 homes in Livingston and has raised more than $10,000 to pour into needs of others. In March, two new small groups were started for the first time and 16 people are attending.

As you can see, there is a lot to be celebrated and these are just snapshots. The battle is real, the work can be tiring, but God is at work in Montana.

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