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Have you been looking for a tool or resource that can help you not only discover and assess possible leaders or missionaries, but also develop them when discovered? The Church Planting Pipeline is just such a tool that has been developed by the North American Mission Board. Created to help discover and develop potential church planters, each level of competencies is a great resource for pastors to engage potential leaders in your congregations to help them discover next steps in ministry.

Church Planting Pipeline has three unique levels of development built around specific church planting competencies and traits. Individuals will get specific development through disciplined self-study. Coupled with a coach to help through this journey of discovery and development, you will see individuals grow in many aspects of their spiritual walk. The up to three years of plug-and-play training is prescriptive, yet it allows a church to supplement for focus or depth. The curriculum covers over 30 church planting competencies, all of which are useful in church and individual growth as well.

Following is a summary of the three levels of competencies or subjects covered in Pipeline:

Level 1

Church Planting
Bible Fluency
Understanding Church
Biblical Community

Level 2

Developing Vision from Burden
Understanding Context
Biblical Communication
Multiplying Leaders
Spiritual Readiness
Making a Difference
Making Disciples
Missionary Practice

Level 3

Establishing Family
Entering God’s Mission
Framing Disciple-Making
Calling to Disciple-Making
Training from Disciple-Making
Mobilizing Corporately for Disciple-making
Unleashing Disciple-Makers
Contextualized Preaching
Developing Partners

For more information, contact William Johnson at or go to the Church Planting Pipeline on NAMB’s website.

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