The Heartache of Theology

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What happens when YCC’s immovable theological beliefs collide with open, unbiblical actions of alumni? Heartache. I recently read on social media that one of our alumni from years ago came out as gay, listing a “relationship” with another woman. The announcement was not shocking since some in the culture are relentless in their pursuit of acceptance; however, the news was … Read More

YCC Adds American Sign Language Courses

mtsbcAll Enews

Can you imagine living in a world of silence, not being able to hear “I love you” from the voice of a loved one? How much more so not being able to hear the gospel? Have you ever wondered how YOU could be the hands and feet of Jesus to the deaf community? YCC is excited to introduce our new … Read More

Yellowstone Christian College Back on Mission

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Yellowstone Christian College

Forty-five years of the Lord’s blessing at Yellowstone Christian College produces kingdom fruit over many years in numerous places. We thank the men and women, many of whom are celebrating in-person with Jesus today, for participating in building YCC for God’s glory. If there was ever a time to support YCC, this is the day. You know I spoke openly … Read More