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Spring is a Great Time for Church Planting

Enews, April 2017

The past few weeks have been very exciting in the area of church starting efforts in Montana. Here are a few excerpts about what has taken place!

Racers Church
Racers Set Free

Set Free Ministries has multiplied once again. Set Free Billings along with Racers Church launched on Tuesday, March 28. Racers Set Free is meeting at Southside Community Fellowship thanks to Pastor Larry Elrod. Forty people were there for the launch, including Set Free pastors from Great Falls, Helena, and Missoula. The fellowship time begins with a meal which is open to anyone in the neighborhood ...


Lets Celebrate the Good Things

Enews, March 2017


Sometimes in the busyness of things and the administration of ministry, we forget to celebrate the good things that are happening. With that being said, look at what God is doing in some of our church plants across Montana!

See how Elevation Church, Bedrock Church, The Lighthouse Baptist Fellowship and The Bridge at Gateway celebrated this month ...

Elevation Church, Billings

Every person who places their faith in Jesus for the first time GETS to put a light bulb (get one from the next steps center) in the name of Jesus. Those who invite that person to church ...


About Church Starting

MONTANA is a beautiful state filled with majestic mountains, rolling grassy plains, beautiful rivers and lakes, and abundant wildlife. One cannot helped but be overwhelmed by the creation that surrounds us. The prayer of the MTSBC Church Starting Team is that one day the spiritual landscape of Montana will be as beautiful as the physical landscape we enjoy each and every day. We pray for laborers to be called by God into our ministry fields, to sow the seed of the gospel, to serve and love those communities, and see God start new churches from the gathering of believers in our communities.

Are you looking for opportunities to be involved in church starting in Montana? Our team can help you identify cities, towns, and communities in which a greater evangelical presence is needed. We will help you receive training while you work alongside an existing church, with a church starter, or in a field of ministry in which you believe God has called you to help be part of a new church start.

Is your church looking for opportunities to be involved in helping with a church start in Montana? Our team can help connect your church with church starters and starting opportunities. We can help resource and equip your church to be an essential partner in the ministry of a new church start.

Below are different ways you can become involved in the process. First of all, we ask you to give us some general information about yourself so we can contact you and help you through the process. Please email your name, contact information (email address and phone number), what aspect of church starting you are interested in pursuing, and where you currently reside. You can send this information to jhayes@mtsbc.orglink. We look forward to speaking with you!

Interested in starting a new church in Montana?

Become A Lead Planter or Join A Church Starting Team in Montana


A Lead Church Planter is a man who “takes the lead” in establishing a new church. He has a solid sense of calling from God to be involved in starting a new church. He exhibits exemplary Christian character and is supportive of the Baptist Faith and Message (2000) and the Cooperative Program. He exhibits certain competencies and strengths necessary for the activities of church planting while remaining humbly committed to personal and professional development.

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A Church Planter Apprentice is a man who, as an aspiring church planter, is willing to spend up to a year in an endorsed learning environment (Church Planting Center or Church Planting Church) following God’s call, developing competencies and skills and practicing the activities of church planting all in preparation for planting a church.

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A Church Planting Team Member is an individual who commits to serve on a church plant team as the church is being planted. These men and women serve in various church planting roles for the purpose of evangelism and disciple-making.

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A Church Planting Intern is an individual who commits to a maximum of 12 months in a developmental internship program at a church plant to learn about church planting and to discern their future involvement. These men and women serve in various church planting roles for the purpose of evangelism and disciple-making.

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These opportunities are available through the North American Mission Board (NAMB). Visit "Send Me"link on the NAMB web site for more information.

West Region
Central Region
East Region

Select a region from the left to see available church planting opportunities, or choose from the list below.

West Regionlink

Central Regionlink

East Regionlink

Involve My Church as a Church Starting Partner

The church starting vision for the Montana Southern Baptist Convention is to move churches and individuals into all regions of Montana to lead people to faith in Jesus Christ and start new churches. This evangelistic church planting strategy is designed to:

Discover churches, church planters and other missionaries to penetrate lostness and connect un-churched people with a local congregation.

Develop church planters and sending churches for evangelistic church planting.

Deploy churches within our rural communities, larger cities, and identified people groups.

A Supporting Church

A Supporting Church partners with a church plant through praying, participating and/or providing. Often there will be multiple supporting churches partnering with a particular plant, helping to meet different needs.

A Sending Church

A Sending Church is responsible for a new church plant until the plant is self-sustaining, self-governing and self-propagating.

A Multiplying Church

A Multiplying Church is committed to an intentional process for discovering, developing and deploying missionary leaders for North America and the world.

As a supporting, sending and/or multiplying church, you’ll engage in one or more of these activities:


A Praying Church commits to praying specifically for a planter, city and region.


A Participating Church participates in church planting by involving its members personally in ministry with the church planter. For example, your church may want to send mission teams to assist church plants or seek to mobilize individuals within your church to be sent as short- or long-term missionaries as a part of the planting team.


As a church develops a closer relationship with a church planter, some find that there are other tangible needs for which they can provide. If your church is able to participate in this way you could have the opportunity to provide for some of the specific needs many church plants have during their critical first years.

If you are interested in partnering with a church plant in Montana please contact William Johnsonlink (MTSBC Church Starting Team Leader). To see potential church plant locations visit our Church Planting Opportunities pagelink.

How Does My Church Sponsor A Church Start?

If you are not already planting or supporting a church plant, we invite you and your church to discover how you can be involved as a Supporting, Sending or Multiplying Church.

1. Register herelink. You also may contact NAMB at 877-882-4437 or info@namb.netlink

2. After registering, you will receive an email confirming your registration and welcoming you to the Send North America process. The email will also note that a NAMB mobilizer will be contacting you soon.

3. The NAMB mobilizer will help you mobilize your congregation in a timely manner to the city or region you have chosen.

4. Once your church is ready, the NAMB mobilizer will connect you to someone directly in the city who will help you narrow your focus to a particular community that needs a new church or to an existing church planter to begin your partnership.

5. Once the above focus is determined, your congregation will now be partnering with your preferred community or church planter.

6. To assist you with informing your church about the partnership with your church planter and new church plant, NAMB will provide you with promotional items at no expense. Someone from our Church Planter Relations department will contact you to thank you for participating and to direct you to our online list of promotional resources. Just visit the link you receive and select from the resources that best fit the needs and interests of your church. Once selected, your order will be placed and shipped within weeks.

Church Starting Resources

Church Starting Staff

William Johnson

William Johnson

Church Starting Team Leader

Ph. (406) 579-1304

Dave Carroll

Dave Carroll

Church Based CPC


Ph. 406-969-2823

Michael Liner

Michael Liner

Church Planting Missionary

Eddie Smith

Eddie Smith

Church Planting Missionary