Support a Church Start

The MTSBC is supporting several new church starts all over the state. You can help support one of these Montana church plants by involving your church as a church starting partner.

Every church can be a part of planting new churches. The level to which your church becomes involved is up to you. There are three levels of involvement, and all are extremely important.

3 Support Levels

A Supporting Church

A Supporting Church partners with a church plant through praying, participating and/or providing. Often there will be multiple supporting churches partnering with a particular plant, helping to meet different needs.

A Sending Church

A Sending Church is responsible for a new church plant until the plant is self-sustaining, self-governing and self-propagating.

A Multiplying Church

A Multiplying Church is committed to an intentional process for discovering, developing and deploying missionary leaders for North America and the world.

How You Support a Church Start


A Praying Church commits to praying specifically for a planter, city and region.

See Montana Church Starters that you can pray for


A Participating Church participates in church planting by involving its members personally in ministry with the church planter. For example, your church may want to send mission teams to assist church plants or seek to mobilize individuals within your church to be sent as short- or long-term missionaries as a part of the planting team.

See Montana Church Starters that you can partner with


As a church develops a closer relationship with a church planter, some find that there are other tangible needs for which they can provide. If your church is able to participate in this way you could have the opportunity to provide for some of the specific needs many church plants have during their critical first years.

See Montana Church Starters that you can invest in

Your Next Step to Support a Church Start

To get started, go meet our Montana church starters, find one you like, and click on the “Support This Start” button. You can also look at the Church Start Map and select a church starting opportunity by city. Alternatively, you can register your church to support a start on the North American Mission Board website.

If you have any questions please contact William Johnson at