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This section is dedicated to equiping Montana pastors with the knowledge and tools needed to plant, grow and maintain a church. We will update this section frequently with new videos, downloads, links and articles.

Annual Church Profile

Annual Church Profile (ACP) Directions

Filling Out the Report

1. Log in to your SBC Workspace accountlink

2. Enter Username and Password & click on "Log On"

3. Click on Enter ACP Data

4. Click on Enter Annual Church Profile Survey

5. Answer the 14 questions and click on Save Responses.

6. If you need to update or change Church name or address information click on “Enter Congregational Information” on the Menu page to do so.

7. If you are having trouble or have any questions, please contact Jeannie Hayeslink.

For assitance with ACP, please contact:

Jeannie Hayes


(406) 252-7537

Montana E-Quip Videos

We have loaded the Montana E-Quip site with dozens of videos from MTSBC events. The current roster of videos includes Elevate Training, MPact Montana, MTSBC Annual Meeting, Shepherding The Shepherd and more. These will be updated as more events occur.

Watch Videos on Equip


Many of our communities and towns are without an evangelical presence. We offer many ways to reach the lostness in our state. Montana mission opportunities include:

  • Prayer walking
  • Community outreach events
  • Construction projects
  • Start Something New
  • Utilizing Montana student missionaries
  • Local, state-to-state and foreign mission trips
  • Church plants
  • Interested in sending a team here?

    Fill out our interest formlink

    Mission Opportunities

    Adults - Peru

    Request a Missionary
  • Request an Adult Missionary
  • -  For Church Plantinglink

    -  Evangelism Catalystlink

  • Request a Student Missionary (See Next-Gen page)link
  • Mission Offerings

    CP means you are never on your own. Discover the resources CP makes possible for you and your congregation.

    Download the 2017 Montana CP Video (3:40)

    DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: the link above will take you to our Vimeo page. Click the "Download" button below the video and select the video quality you prefer.

    How CP Works

    Your Family

    It all starts with you! You give back to the Lord a portion of what He has provided for you. This may be your tithe (10% of your income) or an offering. Share this gift with your local church. (Leviticus 27:30, Malachi 3:10, 2 Corinthians 9:6-15)

    Your Church

    Each year, your church prayerfully decides how much of its undesignated gifts will be sent to Montana Southern Baptist Convention for the Cooperative Program. With more than 140 Montana Baptist churches, CP helps expand your church’s mission efforts to the entire world.

    Your State Convention

    Montana Southern Baptist Convention decides what percentage of CP gifts will be designated for ministries reaching Montana for Christ. CP gifts that remain in Montana are used for beginning new congregations, evangelizing the lost, strengthening churches and their leaders, mission education, disaster relief, Christian education at Yellowstone Christian College and so much more.

    Your World

    MTSBC sends the remaining CP gifts to the Southern Baptist Convention for world mission causes. Most of these gifts fund the strategies of the International and North American Mission Boards, Including deployment and support for nearly 11,000 missionaries. Six SBC seminaries and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission also are supported through the Cooperative Program.


    16.2 million! That’s the membership in Southern Baptist churches across the United States. If we work together, the potential impact on the world is greater than any of us could imagine.

    The best option for reaching our growing world is through cooperation. How can you make this happen?

    PRAY: Pray regularly for the spread of the kingdom of God. Pray for the mission and witnessing efforts of you, your church and your missionaries. Pray for those who need a personal relationship with the Savior.

    GO AND SHARE: Take action. Get involved. Go on mission. Help the hurting. Share the Truth. Make disciples. Live out Acts 1:8.

    GIVE: Use your resources to make an impact in this world. Give regularly, give obediently, give generously and lead your church to do the same.

    Visit the Cooperative Program web site for more informationlink

    There are four types of ministries that receive funds from the 2015-2016 Montana Missions Offering: pastoral emergencies, hunger ministries, literacy missions, and student and campus ministries.

    Where does the Montana Missions Offering go?

    Support campus and student ministries like the Get Real youth retreats and College and Youth ministries...

    Support pastors in financial need through the pastoral emergency fund ...

    Support literacy missions that teach children and adults how to read, while also teaching the gospel...

    And feed the hungry through hunger ministries while sharing the love of Jesus.

    2016 Montana Missions Offering Video Downloads

    2016 Montana Missions, Full Video (85MB)

    2016 Montana Missions Offering Bulletin Insert

    2016 Montana Missions Bulletin Insert (389KB)

    Give to Montana Missions Here:

    Time and again our missionaries relate how the offering is their lifeblood. They know that behind each penny given, there is a Southern Baptist who believes in what they do and are affirming the need to equip them to share the gospel with those who need a Savior.


    "The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is a statement by all Baptists around North America that 'we' is stronger than 'me.' What we do together will make a combined impact far greater than any of us, or our individual churches could do alone."

    — Joshua Lenon, church planter and pastor, Red Door Church, Cincinnati, Ohio

    Ask missionaries what the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® means to them, and they will readily admit that it is the lifeblood for their service.

    When Southern Baptists place their money in the offering plate, they are in essence placing it in the hands of a missionary. Every dollar given to the AAEO goes to support missionaries on the field. The North American Mission Board works in partnership with state conventions to distribute monies given through the AAEO to missionaries and their efforts.

    Since the offering's inception, more than $1 billion has been received by the North American Mission Board to use in reaching people in North America for Christ.

    For more on the Annie Armstrong Offering including promotional material and where to send funds, visit the offical Annie Armstrong Offering web sitelink.

    You may also be interested in...

    Week of Prayer for North American Missions and Annie Armstrong Offeringlink

    Who Is Annie Armstrong?link

    North American Mission Board Homepagelink

    Thanks to Southern Baptists, $149.3 million was given to the 2012 offering. It surpassed last year’s offering of $146.8 million by more than $2.4 million and marked the third-highest amount given in the offering’s 124-year history. Read more about the 2012 offering.

    Most important, Lottie Moon support made it possible for IMB missionaries, working with their ministry partners around the globe, to communicate the Gospel to more than 1.4 million people, lead more than 337,000 people to faith in Christ, baptize 266,451 new believers and start more than 24,000 churches, according to IMB’s most recent annual statistical report (2011).

    It is our hope that this website will inspire and equip churches and individuals to be Totally His in their giving during 2013. We pray the resources to be added throughout the summer will empower church leaders and pastors to lead the most successful offering ever, whether it’s called “Lottie Moon” or something else.

    Download The IMB Lottie Moon Guides
    IMB Missions Leader Guide IMB Missions Leader Guide IMB Missions Leader Guide

    These guides include multiple Lottie Moon resources, including videos, website links and more. Download by clicking on the images above or select from the list at the end of the Lottie Moon section.

    Why Give?

    Southern Baptists’ faithful giving undergirds the thousands of missionaries sent from our churches, through IMB, and all for a single, eternal purpose: making disciples in the name of Jesus. This is what it means for all of us, together, to be totally His.

    Here are some numbers to celebrate! In a recent year, the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Cooperative Program enabled missionaries and their national partners to:

  • present the Gospel to more than 1,400,000 individuals
  • baptize more than 266,000 new believers
  • start more than 24,000 churches
  • engage 133 new people groups

  • We have every reason to rejoice. But these statistics also show how much more could be accomplished if more were given! More missionaries sent from our churches to partner with more nationals, more people groups engaging others - more lives for the kingdom. We still face this challenge:

  • Out of the world's 11,000-plus people groups, nearly 7,000 are considered yet unreached; they include more than half the world's population.
  • More than 3,000 unreached people groups are unengaged, having no church-planting strategy at all

  • For more on Lottie Moon, please visit the official Lottie Moon

    Lottie Moon information and promotional material

    Pastor's Guidelink

    Missions Leader's Guidelink

    Student Resource Cardlink

    Children's Guidelink

    Local Missions

    Contribute to the SBC Relief Fund

    1. Montana Southern Baptist Convention Relief Fund - these monies will be used to send Montana volunteers, purchase equipment and offer trainings around the state.

    2. Mail in donations to: Montana Southern Baptist Convention 1130 Cerise Rd, Billings, MT 59103

    3. Donate on-line specifying you would like your donation to go to Disaster Relief.

    In-Kind Donations: Currently, we are not accepting in-kind donations because we do not have the resources to transport materials and other Montana agencies are handling this type of donation. The best investment is a cash donation which equips us to purchase the materials (food, water, extension cords, etc) at sites closer to our relief location.

    Volunteer Herelink


    Dan Stewart, Disaster Relief State Coordinator


    4100 Othorpe Lake Road

    PO Box 103

    Rexford, MT 59930-0103


    Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Facebook Pagelink

    Forms & Documents

    Disaster Relief Equipment Request Formlink

    Shower Unit Trailer Manuallink

    Shower/Laundry Unit User Agreementlink

    Association Preparedness Manuallink

    Church Preparedness Manuallink

    Family Preparedness Manuallink

    MTSBC DR State Activation Agreementlink

    Chain Saw Manuallink

    Mud-Out Manuallink

    Feeding Manuallink


    People don't "plan" to be in a dire situation where they don't know where their next meal will come from or where the clothes on their back will be provided. But thousands of Montanans face this hardship every day.

    This is where Hunger Ministries steps in and not only provides in many physical, tangible ways, but spiritual ways as well. JT Coughlan, Pastor of Set Free Great Falls leads an incredible ministry that provides food, clothing, and Jesus to local communities, like Great Falls, across Motanana.

    Download Hunger Fund Request Formlink


    Our neighbors are in need - respond to Jesus' command to love your neighbor as yourself. Demonstrate and share the love of Christ through a Literacy ministry.

    Tutor a Child

    Help a child succeed in school.

  • 347,000 to 544,000 students drop out of high school or fail to graduate each year – approximately 30% of high school students. (National Center for Educational Statistics)
  • Over 38% of fourth graders read below their grade level.
  • Over 32% of eighth graders function below their math grade level. (2005 Nation’s Report Card, National Center for Educational Statistics)

  • Teach an Adult to Read

    Help an adult learn to read the Bible.

  • 30 million adults in the United States read below basic functioning level.
  • 63 million read only at basic functioning level. (2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy)
  • Low-level readers have difficulty reading: medicine labels, job applications, newspaper articles, maps and bus time tables, the Bible

  • ESL Training
    Teach an International to Speak English

    Help an English language learner hear and see the Good News.

  • 33.5 million foreign-born people lived in the United States in 2003. (Migration Policy Institute 2005)
  • Not speaking English causes difficulties with: employment, receiving adequate health care, helping children with school work, building relationships

  • Begin a Church-Based Literacy Missions Ministry

    Create opportunities to:

  • Meet your neighbor’s needs
  • Build relationships with people in your community
  • Put your faith into action
  • Physically demonstrate Christ’s love
  • Intentionally share the gospel
  • Training workshops are available in: Tutoring Children and Youth, Adult Reading and Writing, English as a Second Language

  • emailEmail Ray Willis

    MTSBC Literacy Coordinator

    Phone: (406) 855-4265

    Peru Mission Trip


    July 17th - 29th, 2017

    Depart from Billings

    Cost: $3,608

    Contact: Frank Burns, Central Baptist Church (Lewistown) | (406) 350-0007

    Please send enrollment form and $ 200 deposit to:


    PO Box 2

    Mountainburg, AR 72946


    TCWM assists today’s church in impacting today’s world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since 1971, TCWM has mobilized thousands of mission volun-teers, through whom God has drawn hundreds of thousands to faith in Jesus Christ, and they have planted countless churches.

  • Mobile medical clinics
  • Mobile optometry clinics
  • Activities with school children
  • Possible extension at additional cost: sightseeing at Machu Picchu


    Eric and Gaye Ramsey are gifted speakers and musicians who have been travelling to Peru and leading groups for several years. They know the people and the culture of Peru and are ambitious, capable leaders who will make the most out of every minute of your trip. Tom and Kay Cox have visted one hundred and twenty-five coutnries. A trip with Integrity Travel is more than just a tour. With the connections Tom, Kay, and other staff have established internationally over the years, Tom and Kay can offer travelers a full imersion experience.



    IATA jet economy class, based on the Lima non-refundable APEX fare for a group allowing no stopovers.


    Team members will be served three meals daily except where noted and prepared box lunches will be eaten on site in mobile clinics.


    A reservation (non-refundable) deposit of $200 is required. The balance of the tour cost is due 45 days prior to departure. If travel does not occur, $100 of deposit may be carried over to another trip with Integrity Travel if we are notified 90 days in adavance that the enrolled persons will not be travelling.


    In the event of cancellation after ticketing of international air, airline penalties are in effect. Refund (less cancellation charges imposed by the airlines and hotels) will be made for cancellation within 30 days of departure date. On or after the date of departure, there can be no refund for any service not used. All cancellation notifications must be made in writing to Integrity Travel Inc. by the dates specified.


    Insurance is included in this package. You will receive an email notification from the insurance company that will allow you to purchase addiontal coverage, including trip cancellation. NO VISA IS REQUIRED FOR THIS TRIP.


    Frank Burns, Central Baptist Church (Lewistown) | (406) 350-0007


    Tom Cox World Ministry


    If you are interested in going, or would like to promote Mission to Peru in your church, please download the Mission to Peru enrollment form.

    Mission to Peru Enrollment Form & Brochure

    Other Resources

    The MTSBC Evangelism Tent is a “tool” to be used to engage our communities with the Gospel. The Sending Team has developed a method of direct evangelism utilizing the tent.


    The Sending Team is available for consulting and testimony training. Preparation needs to start a few months before the event. Contact Stan Bricker by email sbricker@mtsbc.orglink or call 406-252-7537 to schedule an appointment to work with your church.

    In order to reserve the Evangelism Tent for your church’s event, the following steps must be completed.

    1. Calendar: Call the office 406-252-7537 and check to see if the Evangelism Tent is available for your event. You may call the MTSBC office to inquire about a date, but until the application is complete, your date is not secured.

    2. Application: Complete the Evangelism Tent Application and promptly return with the $50 usage fee. This covers annual maintenance and insurance. Once your application and fee are processed, you will be contacted with a confirmation of your event date

    The collection also includes DVD’s, CD’s, Bible study resource kits, children’s materials, and more. The Native American Resource Center houses a collection of books, objects, and other information about Native Americans and their relationship with Christianity and Christian missions.

    The Library offers a variety of diverse programming on a number of topics, including Bible studies, book discussion groups, lectures, and more. Wireless service is provided within the facility. The Resource Library is located on the Yellowstone Christian Collegelink (YCC) grounds, inside the YCC library.

    Please direct inquiries to checking out resources to Jeannie Ferrisslink.


    Ed Hudson

    (406) 698-6639

    The purpose of the Foundation is to receive, invest, manage, and distribute monies and/or properties given for support of any institution, cause or agency related directly or indirectly to the Montana Southern Baptist Convention. It serves any person who wishes to contribute money, stocks, bonds or property to any Baptist institution under will, trust or annuity. Trusts and annuities usually provide the grantor with a charitable deduction plus income for a specific number of years or for life. The income may be designated to a person or persons other than the grantor.


    A board of Trustees elected by the Montana Southern Baptist Convention supervises the management of the Foundation.

    The Executive Director/Treasurer of the Foundation oversees the work and handles administrative responsibilities as well as providing guidance to individuals and institutions in the area of Christian estate planning. The Board of Trustees makes Administrative and investment policies.


    Information and counsel about making a Christian will or establishing a charitable trust are available upon request without cost or obligation. The Foundation staff is trained to be specialists in the area of charitable giving. They will be pleased to work with you and your will or trust.

    The Foundation also serves as trustee for various charitable trusts. These agreements provide a way for appreciated assets to be transferred to a trust and save capital gains tax. An income is paid to the donor or some specified person. Current income and estate tax savings are also realized, but, most of all, there is the satisfaction of knowing that the Baptist cause that was loved and supported during life will always receive financial aid. When Baptist causes are named, these services are provided without cost to the donor. Specific information concerning charitable trusts is available upon request.


    Loan Guidelines

    Loan Application