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Get Real West Highlights

Enews, November 2016

“One of the girls who got saved last night is in our group!”

“The students were very open, hungry and responsive to the Word of God. To top it all off, you have an amazing group volunteers and youth pastors!” – Matt M. (Speaker)

“The unity and support of the group was very encouraging.”

These are just a few of the praise reports still coming in from Get Real West. With over 150 students and leaders from churches across Montana it’s clear that God is at work in our youth.


Get Real East Highlights

Enews, May 2016

“We had students saved at Get Real East and baptized the very next week!”

“This year’s speaker was the best we’ve ever had.”

“I got to watch my friend commit his life to God.”

These are just a few of the praise reports still coming in from Get Real East. With over 300 students from 30 different churches across Montana it’s clear that God is at work in our youth. Students were encouraged and challenged by session topics including “Commitment,” “Urgent Bold Witness” and “Lifeline” while youth workers examined how to “Overcome Fears in Leadership” and how to “Connect with Students.”


Upcoming Events

Get Real West 2017

November 10-11, 2016 (Missoula)

Save the date for the 2017 Get Real West Youth Conference, November 10-11. Follow the link below for registration and more information.


Get Real East 2018

TBD, 2018 (Billings)

Dates and speakers for Get Real East 2018 are still to be determined. Go here to see highlights from Get Real East 2017.

Student Missions

2015 MTSBC Student Missionaries

This ministry is designed to provide high school-age college-age students from SBC churches in Montana and other states an opportunity to serve as a Student Missionary in a local church field in Montana. The term of the Student Missionary is from eight to twelve weeks. It is our hope that this level of ministry will be an investment into the life of a young adult as they seek God’s direction in their career path, education and life. Certain qualifications are required for each applicant and host church.

Alex Bricker, standing, from Life Outfitter, helps Alex Robinson complete the Motivational Gift Mix.
Student Missionary

The Student Missionary desiring to serve in Montana through the MTSBC Student Missionary program must be a Christian and have a desire to serve in Montana under the supervision of the host pastor of an MTSBC church. Each applicant must have the recommendation of their local/home pastor or youth pastor.

  • Each Student Missionary must complete an MTSBC Student Missionary applicationlink and include complete reference informationlink
  • Application deadline is April 15 of the year in which they desire to serve
  • The Student Missionary must agree to serve for a period from eight to twelve weeks in length and abide by the code of conduct provided in the MTSBC Student Missionary Handbook

  • Student Missionary Downloads

    Complete the Student Missionary application form link

    Include complete reference information link

    Andrew Baker, Whitefish, MT
    Host Church

    The host church of a Student Missionary must be a cooperating MTSBC church in good standing. The host church pastor must agree to request and supervise the Student Missionary and provide meaningful ministry engagement opportunities for the student. Additionally the host church will:

  • Request a Student Missionarylink through the MTSBC by April 15th for the summer term
  • Provide for the local needs of the student missionary including housing, meals and local transportation. These needs can be met by a host family, volunteers, or may already be met for a local student.
  • Ensure the Student Missionary will attend the MTSBC Orientation
  • Provide local supervision following the guidelines contained in the MTSBC Student Missionary Supervisor Handbook provided by the MTSBC
  • Make arrangements with the Student Missionary and/or their sending church for round trip transportation from the student’s home to Montana. Transportation to the host church is NOT provided by MTSBC.
  • Oversee the payment of a stipend to the student. MTSBC will pay a grant to the host church of $1,000 for this purpose.

  • Host Church Downloads

    Fill out the Host Church Applicationlink

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