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The Cooperative Program: An Elegant Solution

By Barrett Duke, MTSBC Executive Director

Imagine 30,000 fellow Southern Baptists coming to your church every year asking for money to help them fulfill God’s calling in their lives. That would be more people than we have in all our Montana Southern Baptist churches combined! It would be about 600 different people each Sunday, which is more people than attend the average Southern Baptist church on a Sunday. No church could accommodate so many people with good stories and compelling callings.

Yet, because Southern Baptists created the Cooperative Program back in 1925, that’s how many men and women each Southern Baptist church helps support if it participates in it. That’s more than 4,000 international missionaries, 5,000 North American missionaries, 20,000 seminary students, hundreds of seminary professors and staff, and thousands more men and women in our state colleges and associations. More...

The Cooperative Program has been an astonishing success. Because of it, men and women who are called by God to vocational ministry can devote themselves to fulfilling their calling rather than raising money. For international missionaries, this can mean as much as 50% more time on the mission field because they don’t have to keep coming back to the United States to raise money. For North American missionaries, it means they can spend more time doing evangelism and planting churches rather than asking existing churches for money. For seminary students, it means they can follow God to less populated areas of the country after graduation because the Cooperative Program helped to pay for their educations so they don’t have as much student loan debt. In fact, if your church has a Southern Baptist seminary or college-trained pastor, you can probably thank the Cooperative Program for helping make it possible for him to live on what you can afford to pay because he isn’t carrying a bunch of student debt.

The list of benefits the Cooperative Program provides to Southern Baptists and our work to advance the Kingdom of our Lord would fill pages. But for all those pages of benefits, at the top of the list is the way the Cooperative Program helps us reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Southern Baptists baptized nearly 300,000 people in the United States last year, most of whom were won to the Lord by Southern Baptists. Thousands more were baptized around the world. Cooperative Program money was involved in most of those baptisms in some way.

This isn’t just a national or international story. It is also a Montana story. Montana Southern Baptist churches who give to the Cooperative Program make it possible for us to continue reaching the lost and making disciples right here in our beautiful state. Seventy-five percent of all the money Montana Southern Baptists give to the Cooperative Program remains right here in Montana to help us start and strengthen Montana Southern Baptist churches. It provides us with the money to pay for hotel rooms for all our pastoral church leadership at MPact every year as well as for all the equipping we provide. It enables us to have a state staff and funds to coordinate our work, start new churches, and minister to our existing churches.

We even benefit from the twenty-five percent we send out of state to fund our national and international work. Some of that money comes back to us in the way of church planters who are paid by the North American Mission Board. In fact, we get more money back than we send out, every single year.

The Cooperative Program is an elegant solution to the challenges of the Lord’s Great Commission to make disciples of all the nations and the Lord’s Great Commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves. By it, every church, no matter its size, can be part of a vast missionary effort to bring the love of God in Jesus next door and around the world. Through the voluntary gifts of Southern Baptists to the Cooperative Program, nearly 500 million dollars is devoted solely to the work of the Lord every year. No other evangelical group comes anywhere near giving that much money every year to the work of the Kingdom of our Lord.

As you consider what your church gives to the Cooperative Program, I hope you will join me in celebrating the great blessing we all share in because we have chosen to work together for something greater than ourselves. Because we cooperate together in the Lord’s Kingdom, every year hundreds of thousands of people come to know the God we love. What a joy it is to serve with you in our great state of Montana. May the Lord see fit to continue to pour out His blessings on us because we have chosen to work and give together for His glory.




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CP Offering on

Download the video from Vimeo (short)

Download the video from Vimeo (full)

MPact Montana 2017 was held in Helena, Montana, with keynote speaker Dr. Rob Blackaby of the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary and college. Click "More" to see MPact 2017 photos and link to videos of all the breakout sessions and main sessions.

All MPact Breakout Sessions and Main Sessions on E-Quip

MPact 2017 Photos (Click to enlarge)

MPact Montana 2017 MPact Montana 2017 MPact Montana 2017 MPact Montana 2017 MPact Montana 2017 MPact Montana 2017 MPact Montana 2017 MPact Montana 2017 MPact Montana 2017 MPact Montana 2017 MPact Montana 2017 MPact Montana 2017 MPact Montana 2017 MPact Montana 2017 MPact Montana 2017 MPact Montana 2017 MPact Montana 2017


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Get Real East (GRE) is just around the corner on April 28-29 in Billings, MT.

Are your students going?

This year GRE is proud to welcome back 18-year student ministry veteran Chris Lovell. Chris recently became the head basketball coach for Bossier Parish Community College in Louisiana after winning five straight Texas State Championships.

Aided by a man with the heart of an evangelist and championship coaching ability, your students will come away from Get Real East encouraged, inspired and equipped to reach their peers for Jesus.

After absolutely rocking Get Real West in 2016, The Exchange will be bringing their trademark lightning bolt back to Montana. The Exchange’s pop rock style is perfect for creating passionate and energetic worship sets your students will love.

Their hit song “Heartbeat” was the #1 added song to Christian rock radio during the summer of 2015 and their promise to stay after to talk with “any and every” student shows a commitment to growing God’s Kingdom, not just entertaining.

In addition to four powerful worship sessions, four impactful teaching times and the kind of fellowship and relationship building only a retreat can offer students, GRE offers training time for youth workers, parents and pastors. GRE packs all of this and more into a short Friday night and Saturday morning all for just $30 and leaders get in FREE!

With students leaving the church in record numbers after high school, you can’t afford not to send your students to Get Real East.

Contact Next-Gen Director Adam Burt for more details.



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Let's Celebrate The Good Things

William Johnson, MTSBC Church Starting Team Leader


Sometimes in the busyness of things and the administration of ministry, we forget to celebrate the good things that are happening. With that being said, look at what God is doing in some of our church plants across Montana!

See how Elevation Church, Bedrock Church, The Lighthouse Baptist Fellowship and The Bridge at Gateway celebrated this month ...

Elevation Church, Billings

Salvations Happening!

Every person who places their faith in Jesus for the first time GETS to put a light bulb (get one from the next steps center) in the name of Jesus. Those who invite that person to church or lead them to faith in Christ can go with them or lead them to the wall. There are 60 bulb sockets- let's work and pray to fill them up by July 1st. Posted to Facebook March 4.

Bulbs are filling up!

People coming to Christ and baptized 8 today!!! Posted March 12.

Bedrock Church, Bozeman

3 Saved!

Woohoo! Today at Bedrock Church we announced 4 new life groups and 3 people were saved! Taught our Kids Rock kids that heaven rejoices so much when just one person enters from death to life. I can only imagine the celebration today! Posted to Facebook March 5.

The Lighthouse Baptist Fellowship, Malta

Baptism Service

God is great and worthy to be praised! Pastor Greg Peterson had the honor of baptizing Ms. Leila Mecklenburg today. What a blessing to see our Sister-In-Christ follow Christ's example. She has publicly declared to the world her faith in Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior! Posted to Facebook March 12.

The Bridge at Gateway, Gallatin Gateway

I received a phone call from Pastor Curtis Crow telling me the good news that they had their first salvation Sunday night in Gallatin Gateway! Please be in continued prayer for encouragement for our church planters and their families across the state! (March 15)


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MTSBC Church Starting

We are so excited about our event, MPower, April 20 – 22, 2017, at Big Sky Baptist Church in Great Falls!

Our main speaker this year is Sacha Hasenyager from Missoula. There will be breakout sessions on Missions and Missions Education, Leading Worship, Intentional and Meaningful Discipleship, Taking Prayer to the Streets, as well as a special breakout for pastor, church planter and ministry wives led by Sylvia King and Kim Boettger. The Prayer Stations will also be back. More...

Our mission’s project this year is a continuation of collecting money for Children’s Bibles for our churches and literacy programs. We were able to purchase 25 Bibles last year and we ran out way ahead of our requests!

The cost for the event is only $30.00 and includes lunch on Friday!

Our state WMU business meeting will be held during the event.

You may print a registration form and schedule at Check often for updates as we hope to have online registration up and running soon.

Share with your friends and thank you for helping us to promote this year’s MPower event! We hope to see you there!

If you have questions, contact:

Paula Rasmussen, Director of MSBW, 406-579-7806,

Sharon Ellington, President of MSBW, 406-939-3542,

You can also find us on Facebook and on Instagram @montanasbw.


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MSBW Facebook Page

Frank Burns is the leader this year of the Montana SBC delegation to Peru. After participating as a team member on the mission trip to Peru last year, Pastor Frank of Central Baptist Church in Lewistown, excitedly accepted the offer to lead the team this year. He has pastored at CBC since 1997. He has travelled extensively overseas in his former profession and this will be his third international mission trip. Frank says, “We grow when we go!” He invites everyone to join him on mission with God in Peru. “It will change your life and the lives of those we minister to both now and for eternity!” states Pastor Frank. More...

Here are just a few of the things we do:

  • Mobile Medical Clinics
  • Mobile Optometry Clinics
  • Music in the Seminary
  • Activities with School Children

  • This year’s trip is scheduled to leave out of Billings July 17th to July 29th. The cost is $3,608.00. If you would like more information or promotional materials, please contact Pastor Frank at or 406-350-0007.

    Feel free to use the above video in your promotions. It can also be downloaded and streamed here.


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    Download the "Peru According to Montanans" Video

    Tom Cox World Minsitries


    Art of Marriage Conference

    The Montana Southern Baptist Convention

    The Art of Marriage

    Outdoorsmen Church is hosting the Art of Marriage Event on April 21st - 22nd at the C'mon Inn in Missoula! This is an awesome chance to get away with your spouse or fiancé to discover God's design and intent for our marriages as we seek to follow Jesus and glorify Him.

    There is a special room rate of $99 for those wanting to stay at the hotel during the event. The hotel says it will honor that rate for those who want to stay both Friday and Saturday nights. More...

    The price of the event is $50 per couple, which covers your manuals, snacks and dinner Friday night. Check soon for a registration link on for our website,

    We have scholarships available for any pastors who would like to attend but need financial assistance.

    For more information, please contact Peter Zipp at or 406-830-1974.


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    I would like to invite you to KidMin Connect, a children’s ministry conference that we are hosting here at Emmanuel in Billings, April 7-8. KidMin Connect is designed to encourage and equip you as you love and serve in the many communities across our state. This year we will discuss the importance of our spiritual growth and health as leaders as well as provide some practical ministry insight into working with kids and their parents. We have also designed this as a chance to connect with other ministry people from around our state, to be able to share wins and struggles, to pray for each other and be encouraged by the work that God is doing all over our state. More...

    Our speaker is Jonathan Cliff, who serves as executive pastor at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN. Jonathan has served in many different ministry areas over his twenty years, including kids, students, families and small groups. I am very excited to have the opportunity to hear the wisdom and experience God has given him and how I can apply the lessons learned in my own life and to my ministry to children.

    Pastor, I hope you will encourage your kids volunteers to attend. I also hope that you will consider attending. I’m confident this conference can assist you in your ministry to grow and reach more kids and families for the kingdom.

    Registration is free and is on our website ( If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or 406.606.1426.


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    Humanitarian emergency: Africa's famine & drought

    Diana Chandler, Baptist Press

    African Famine
    Josephine, a starving South Sudanese girl who weighed only 24 pounds at 7 years old, is among the millions facing famine and food shortages across large portions of the African continent. CBS News 60 minutes screen capture.

    KIMUSU, Kenya (BP) -- Hunger and thirst often prevent members of Kamakowa Baptist Church in Kimusu, Kenya from attending worship, pastor Tom Ogalo Ngoya told Baptist Press in an appeal for aid to the country where drought is a national disaster.

    "It's [disheartening] to watch your children beg for water and food," Ngoya emailed BP after Kenya's government declared the drought a national disaster in February. Members of the congregation "are often not in the church due to lack of food and water for them to drink and for the animals. Children are malnourished due to lack of food to eat. Adults are helpless because they cannot feed their family."

    Kenya, where 2.7 million people are termed "food insecure" by the United Nations, is included in large swaths of the continent suffering famine and food shortages, extending from the Horn of Africa south through sub-Saharan Africa and into South Africa, according to the U.N. and various humanitarian aid organizations including Baptist Global Response (BGR). More...

    The U.N. has described it as the largest humanitarian crisis since the creation of the U.N. in 1945.

    "Famine is already a reality in parts of South Sudan," U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on Feb. 22. "Unless we act now, it is only a matter of time until it affects other areas and other countries. We are already facing a tragedy; we must avoid it becoming a catastrophe."

    South Sudan, where the U.N. said more than 7.5 million people need assistance, is perhaps the hardest hit. As many as 100,000 people there are facing starvation, CBS' 60 Minutes reported March 19.

    Among the most dire U.N. statistics, 20 million people are facing famine or "at the tipping point" of famine in northeast Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen, including 1.4 million children at imminent risk of death from severe acute malnutrition in those four countries combined. In Ethiopia, 5.6 million people are food insecure. Civil wars and terrorism are to blame for the crises in some of the areas.

    U.N. Emergency Relief Coordinator Stephen O'Brien appealed to the international community for help on March 10, reiterating Guterres' plea.

    "We stand at a critical point in history," O'Brien told the UN Security Council. "It is right to sound the alarm early, not wait for pictures of emaciated dying children ...."

    While parts of sub-Saharan Africa have suffered cyclic droughts and hunger every five to seven years, the current drought is one of the worst in decades, Baptist Global Response CEO Jeffrey Palmer told Baptist Press.

    "Part of the issue has to do with more intense El Nino effects and the other has to do with increasing populations and more concentrated population centers," Palmer said.

    BGR has helped drought victims by establishing several aid projects in Lesotho and in Madagascar, off Africa's east coast. BGR, through its Global Hunger Relief (GHR) program, has provided aid in cooperation with partners already there and with teams of Southern Baptist volunteers from the U.S.

    "I am so thankful to Southern Baptists and our convention for having the foresight to have a program such as Global Hunger Relief (GHR)," Palmer said. "GHR has allowed us to quickly allocate resources to some of the hardest hit areas by providing food as well as demonstrating the love of Christ to those in need."

    Micah Fries, pastor of Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tenn., met recipients of food aid in Lesotho during a trip to finalize the adoption of his son Haddon in January, just months before the mountainous country's rainy season.

    "Where we were doing the food distribution was an extremely impoverished area," Fries told BP. "They were ecstatic. They were relieved."

    The drought is unknown to many Christians in America, Fries speculated, and pointed to the Gospel as the reason to help those in need.

    "The drought that's occurring or has been occurring for a couple of years across Africa is almost not on the radar at all for many, if not almost all, Americans," Fries said, "and yet massive numbers of African people have been at risk because of it. For those of us who are pro-life, who care about the world and who care about the Gospel, it ought to matter to us."

    This article originally appeared on the Baptist Press news website: Diana Chandler is Baptist Press' general assignment writer/editor. BP reports on missions, ministry and witness advanced through the Cooperative Program and on news related to Southern Baptists' concerns nationally and globally.


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