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7.27-8.10 Peru Mission Trip

8.5 Staff Meeting

8.8-9 MSBW Leadership Team Summer Retreat


9.7,14,21,28 Montana Missions Offering Emphasis

9.1 Labor Day Office Closed

9.4 Staff Meeting

9.16-17 MTSBC Executive Board Meeting

9.18-19 ELEVATE Training

9.30 Staff Meeting


10.7 Associational Leadership Meeting

10.7 Pastors’ Conference

10.7 Pastors’ Wives Luncheon

10.7-8 MTSBC Annual Meeting

10.17-18 Get Real West


11.6 Staff Meeting

11.20-21 ELEVATE Training

11.27-28 Thanksgiving Day Office Closed


12.30-1.7 International Missions Emphasis

12.10-11 Winter Staff Retreat

12.11 Christmas Party

12.25 Christmas

12.24-31 Office Closed


MTSBC Mission Dorm Meets Needs

Montana Southern Baptist Convention

BILLINGS — Located above the Montana Southern Baptist Convention office is an apartment that has been dubbed “The Mission Dorm”.

The four bedroom, two full bath dwelling is larger than most homes. With a large living room, kitchen, dining area and laundry room, it can house up to fourteen people for an overnight stay.

The apartment is accessible by fourteen steps up from the ground floor.

It is intended to be a place for MTSBC pastor’s and their immediate family for a getaway, an overnight stop while traveling through Billings or visiting a church member in one of the two major hospitals located downtown, without the burden of the added expense of a motel stay.

It is called a mission dorm for the many mission teams that come from out of state to help out Montana Baptists with construction projects, church planting or evangelistic events. All that is required for a mission team stay is a suggested donation of $10.00 per person per night.

Dr. Fred Hewett, State Executive Director said, “We wanted to find a way to be a blessing to our pastors around the state and the many mission teams who travel to Montana to serve our churches. The mission dorm is one way we can do that. I am constantly hearing from our pastors how much they appreciate it.”

The process for reserving the space is simple according to Diana Bricker, who books and oversees the Mission Dorm. “Reservations are on a first come, first served basis. This full time ministry has become a beneficial way to meet many needs. You just need to check for availability well in advance.” Bricker stated.

“Often times I can’t fill a request if it is for that day. Already, we are booked solid from the first of June until the first week of August.” she said. “The Summer months and holidays seems to be in high demand.”

“All of my experience using the mission dorm, have been good ones”, said Pastor Gene Young from Lincoln Baptist Church in Lincoln, Montana. “We have slept well; it was very comfortable and inviting.

I feel blessed to be able to stay at the mission dorm. As a pastor sometimes funds are limited. The mission dorm is a great outreach to us from the state convention.”

By calling 406-839-7877 you will directly reach Diana and she will try her best to accommodate you. E-mail requests can also be made, just contact her at She will give the requirements needed for a stay- such as how to access the apartment, times of arrival and departure, etc.

Each guest is asked to strip their own sheets, place them in the laundry room and replace them with the clean linens made available to them. Also a light cleaning of rooms that been utilized is very much appreciated with the cleaning products provided.

Click here to request a reservation


MPact's YCC Dorm Now a Reality

Montana Southern Baptist Convention

More than one hundred volunteers from Florida and Mississippi descended on the YCC campus during April and May. The task – remodel all five floors of the men’s and women’s dorms. YCC President Bruce Cannon observed after a recent tour, “From floor to ceiling, wall to wall, students returning in the fall will see a remarkable make-over. In addition, the classroom building received a mini-makeover and a major water mitigation issue was completed.”

Cannon credits the many pastors and leaders who gave or pledged for the project during this year’s MPACT meeting in Helena. The matching gift of more than $18,000 was the catalyst for the entire goal being met. While not all the pledges came in, Cannon declared God blessed beyond our imagination. Cannon’s summation was simple, “Thank you again to all who prayed, gave, or both. You are a God-send to Montana and YCC.”

The Milton, Florida team worked on the men’s dorm.

John Taylor, Mississippi, working on the men’s dorm.

More than one hundred volunteers from Florida and Mississippi descended on the YCC campus during April and May. The task – remodel all five floors of the men’s and women’s dorms. YCC President Bruce Cannon observed after a recent tour, “From floor to ceiling, wall to wall, students returning in the fall will see a remarkable make-over. In addition, the classroom building received a mini-makeover and a major water mitigation issue was completed.”

Cannon credits the many pastors and leaders who gave or pledged for the project during this year’s MPACT meeting in Helena. The matching gift of more than $18,000 was the catalyst for the entire goal being met. While not all the pledges came in, Cannon declared God blessed beyond our imagination. Cannon’s summation was simple, “Thank you again to all who prayed, gave, or both. You are a God-send to Montana and YCC.”

As with any project, other issues surfaced that require related work. For those who thought about giving to the dorm project, but haven’t been able to yet, additional gifts would be a welcomed relief. About $4,000 will fully complete every project begun by the two teams.

The dorm renovation includes new security lighting; new door, floor, and window trim; wall to wall carpet; refurbished bathrooms and in-room sink/vanities; new floor to ceiling paint; window treatments and door hardware.

Dr. Don Niemeir and Marty Hoffman, pastor and layman from Helmville, Montana, led the way with more than one thousand hours of pre-work on the campus. Between the two of them, they drove more than 11,700 miles as they commuted nearly weekly to the campus. Never has any college ever seen a better example of servant-leadership than these two men (and their patient wives). Don, a new YCC Board member, recently told the YCC administration, “I am here to help the college. If we can dream it, I want to help make it a reality.”

YCC offers Associate and Bachelor degrees in Christian Leadership. Students can also take general education courses transcripted through a sister community college tied in with the Montana University System. The Fall term begins August 18. Visit for more information or to donate to the college.

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Lord, What's Up With This?

Dan Stewart, MTSBC State Disaster Relief Coordinator

Has this question ever arisen from someone in your Church or a neighbor or friend whenever a disaster occurs be it natural or man made? What’s your response? Something like, “Beats me, I don’t have a clue!” Or what about if it’s in your neighborhood or town where the disaster or event occurs and with fear and trepidation in their voice they loudly proclaim; “Oh my God! What are we going to do now!”? And your response is…

While I will say there are some, not many but some, Churches and individuals that are prepared for the unexpected and have developed a plan, for the most part I would say they don’t have a clue. Were you aware that you could go to the website, from the Home page click on Sending, when the drop down menu comes up click on ministries, click on Disaster Relief and in that block click on “more” then go down to Forms & Documents. There you can find a Family Preparedness Disaster Relief Manual, a Church Preparedness Disaster Relief Manual and yes, even an Associational Disaster Relief Manual. Now if next Sunday or perhaps sometime during the week you could go by the Church office and ask to see the folder on Church Preparedness Disaster Relief, I would venture to say you won’t find one. Unfortunately, a lot of time, the mindset is we will worry about that when the time comes. However when the time does come you won’t have the luxury of time to formulating a plan.

Recently, at a Region V meeting in Salt Lake City, UT, which Montana is in Region V, it was noted that there was a Church Plant, I believe in Colorado, who had a young Pastor who was very Disaster Relief mission focused. Well in that town this Southern Baptist Church Plant was considered by and referred to by the “real” religious denominations as a “cult”. But the Lord was about to have a “teachable moment”. Sever flooding struck and while the Catholics and the Lutherans and the Later Day Saints were running around in their respective parking lots proclaiming, “Oh my God, What are we going to do now!” The Pastor from the little Southern Baptist Church Plant “cult” stepped forward with their Church Preparedness Disaster Relief Manual and almost single handedly, with the help of his small congregation, saved the day. Now they are no longer referred to as a “cult” but instead, if anything is going on in that town, the Southern Baptist are among the first people that are contacted for their help or opinion.

Most people are unaware that the North American Mission Board did not get into Disaster Relief until 1966, with their first deployment in 1967. We have grown nationwide now and have over 82,000 trained volunteers across the nation. Responding to hundreds, sometimes thousands, of call-outs per year across the nation and around the world in disasters. Now when it comes to non-governmental organizations assisting in disasters we Southern Baptist are ranked 3rd in the Nation with the American Red Cross (ARC) in first place followed by The Salvation Army (TSA) in second place followed closely by the Southern Baptist. We have a track record of response and success that leaves many older denominations, who have a relief effort, in our dust.

We in Montana have been very fortunate to have an Executive Director in Fred Hewett, who has the foresight to understand that all disasters are local. It’s not a matter of if, but when our services will be required. We have been able to update and build Disaster Relief Trailers that should cover most of our needs here in Montana, but that’s not to say we are restricted to just Montana. Probably one of our most used units is our 9-year-old Shower/Laundry Unit. Every year, if not deployed in a Disaster Relief deployment, it is utilized for Summer Mission Teams here in Montana. This year alone I’ve had to turn down three different Churches due to it having been requested during the same time frame already. Some Churches officially requesting it 12 months out! Our new Mud-Out & Recovery Unit’s first deployment was June of last year for flooding north of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Now Calgary, just the town, has a population of six million people while Montana was doing good to finally break one million last year Statewide! But Alberta had no equipment, no trained personnel. It was Georgia and Montana that answered the call. You should have seen the response when they saw our DR logo with Montana under it, “Your people came all this way to help us…for free!” The last day we were on the job our team stopped for a hot lunch and as I went to pay the bill at the check out a local gentleman who owned a heavy equipment company, that was working in the area, came up behind me and told the clerk, “Their money is no good here; I’ve got their bill.” God is not just good, He’s Great!

Currently we, the Montana SBC Disaster Relief, are still responding to the flooding that occurred on the Hi-Line in June of 2013. We have identified approximately 50+ homes that have/had sustained damage between Havre and Ft. Belknap, MT. Due to the extent of damages and the diversity of the different situations surrounding each home it became evident real quick that we in Montana didn’t have the necessary assets to properly address this disaster. We reached out to the North American Mission Board Disaster Relief in Alpharetta, Georgia for assistance and advice and as they have many times in the past they came through for us. It was estimated that we would need approximately $175,000.00 to bring Help, Healing and Hope to these people. NAMB committed $50,000.00 for personnel support and one of our partners with the Montana Volunteer Organizations Assisting in Disaster (MT VOAD) The Salvation Army committed $125,000.00 for materials. So far we have had teams from Washington State, Idaho, Kansas and one team from Montana work on this project to-date, however we have commitments from Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Idaho in the upcoming months for more workers. I doubt if we finish this year before the cold weather drives us out, again. The fields are ripe to harvest, but the workers are few…

Now not that our plate was not full enough already, on the 7th of March of this year, while at the M-Pact Conference in Helena, two Pastors from Gallatin County, Curtis Crow and William Johnson both requested immediate assistance for flooding in Gallatin County. Flooding of this magnitude had not been seen in 100 years! Fortunately Pastor William Johnson was DR qualified and was of great service. Now as the Mud-Out & Recovery Unit was currently deployed at Pastor Bruce Plummer’s Montana Indian Ministries Camp at Ft. Belknap. We immediately had to retrieve it and bring it to Manhattan where the flooding was the worst. Now due to the design of the Unit we were able to “split” the Mud-Out portion from the Recovery equipment and return the trailer for the Recovery phase in Havre by two out of State collegiate teams. We were strung thin, however the Lord prevailed again!

My friends it is my sincere prayer that 2015 is a lot quieter year…I’m tired! But for now there is still much to accomplish. While we have made a lot of headway in repairing and upgrading our DR equipment and training, I’m still not satisfied that we where we need to be. Further while we may be able to just barely hold our own, we are almost surrounded by States that are much worse off than us. Our Canadian neighbors as well as the States to our East and South have little to no equipment nor the trained personnel to staff it. The biggest problem as I see it today is adequate funding. Money is tight for every ministry at this point. Whereas Disaster Relief use to have a percentage of the old Baker State Missions Offering, there are no provisions under the current Montana Missions Offering for this, or do we have a line in the State budget. We cannot use the dedicated funding from NAMB for the flooding other than for the flood. Our ability to respond to anything within our own borders could be very limited. We exist solely on love offerings from individuals and Churches. There is one day per year that is set-aside for Disaster Relief and that is the first Sunday in November. But disasters can’t read a calendar and they wait for no one!

Please, if your Church has a heart of service for your fellow man, don’t hesitate to give me a call and we will see if we can work some training in for your group. (In between call-outs!) Just pick up the phone and call 406-889-9720 or drop me a line at

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Pastor Celebrates 25 Years

Brandi Taber

Pastor Paul Jones Celebrates 25 Years as Lead Pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church.

A lot can change over the course of 25 years in church life. Things like pastors, location, budgets, staff, attendance, services, and relationships can all shift from year to year. There is a rarity found however when some of the most foundational aspects in a church do not change. One such unique gift is to have the same Lead Pastor for 25 years and that is one of the many gifts of Emmanuel Baptist Church.

Pastor Paul Jones is celebrating his 25th Anniversary as Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church on June 8, 2014! What an incredible day to celebrate the faithfulness and dedication of such a servant leader as Pastor Paul. He, indeed, has seen many changes not only in his personal life, but in the life of Emmanuel as well.

Pastor Paul Jones at Rimrock Lake in the Beartooth Mountains

The new Emmanuel Baptist Church worship center

Construction at Emmanuel Baptist Church

Paul Jones came fresh from seminary in Memphis, Tennessee to Emmanuel Baptist Church as Lead Pastor one month shy of his 30th Birthday on June 8, 1989. He joined the staff of one other pastor, his father Dr. Don Jones, one administrative assistant, a custodial staff member, and volunteers. Since that time, there have been many changes in our Pastors and staff which has grown to 8 Pastors, multiple administrative assistants, ministry directors, support staff, janitorial workers, interns, armor bearers (ministers-in-training), and countless volunteers.

The people and ministries of Emmanuel have grown under the leadership of Pastor Paul as well. From about 200 in worship attendance in 1989, the current average attendance of Emmanuel’s worship services is 1,000. The ministries have expanded to reach more people from birth to senior adults, with creativity and a mindfulness to reach our community. Pastor Paul has also been visionary in seeing the potential of churches in MT and had the heart to help ‘revive’ them to health over the last 25 years. Emmanuel has gone from one weekend service to two services, now three Sunday morning worship services.

There were many milestones in the last 25 years as well. Successes like paying off the interest-free building loan on the ‘new’ building on Shiloh Road in 1997 were a big celebration! Missions’ giving, as it continually increased, was always celebrated. Hundreds of baptisms and baby dedications were wonderful ways to start a worship service. Pastor Paul guided Emmanuel through a new building project that was brought to fruition on housing its first worship service in January of 2009. Pastor Paul completed his Doctorate degree from International Seminary in August of 2010.

While Pastor Paul’s relationship with the Lord has remained his anchor and sole focus for his purpose, his personal relationships have grown as well. Paul married his wife Tami on July 31, 1994. They have been doing life and ministry side by side as a strong team ever since. They have two adult children, Josh (and Kari) and Jessica (and Shane), who have provided them with the blessing of grand parenting their 5 grandchildren.

Buildings change. People come and go. Relationships shift. Numbers are ever ebbing & flowing. These are normal changes and a way of church life. But to have a Pastor remain steadfast for Christ’s church for 25 years is far from “normal” these days. Pastor Paul has stood time and time again in front of the church family at Emmanuel and preached nothing but God’s truth from His Word. He stands for God’s righteousness amidst His congregation. He relies on the ONE true thing that never fails and never changes: the sovereignty of Christ and the living, active Holy Spirit in him, working through him.

James 1:17 says “every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with Whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.” Pastor Paul Jones understands these words fully and lives them out in front of Emmanuel Baptist Church every day. She is blessed to call him Pastor and its people are excited at what God will continue to do in and through its Pastor. “The LORD has done great things for us; we are glad.” (Psalm 126:3) As for today, we celebrate!

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Student Missionaries Come to Montana Orientation

The Montana Southern Baptist Convention

Naomi Hasenyager getting lunch at the Summer Missionary Orientation.

BOZEMAN – Teens and twenty- somethings traveled from north, south, east and west to attend the annual Montana Southern Baptist Convention’s Summer Missionary Orientation.

This year 20 students met at the Mountain Top Retreat Center outside of Bozeman on June 2 through the 4th. Many who will be serving were traveling to Montana at a later time or were just finishing up their school year.

The Tuesday training sessions started off with learning how to effectively share your testimony and dedicating a daily devotion time using the SOAP method from the LIFE journal. These two morning sessions were taught by Stan Bricker, MTSBC Sending Team Leader.

Dave Carroll leads worship.

Fire-pit at Summer Missionary Orientation.

William Johnson, MTSBC Starting Team Leader instructed the attendees on what church planting looks like in Montana.

After lunch students were introduced to the student handbook and Stan and Diana Bricker led them through recommended highlights of the MTSBC and North American Mission Board policies and procedures.

Lee Merck, church planter/pastor from the Church of the Rockies in Red Lodge led a session on how the students could come alongside a mission team or church planter/pastor and his family during their assignments.

Dr. Fred Hewett, Executive Director for the MTSBC shared after lunch about the uniqueness of serving in Montana along with tips on how to serve the missionaries’ host families for the summer.

Dave Carroll, church planter / pastor of Elevation Church – Billings gave practical instruction on ministering to Montanans and tips on how to be a ministry servant. After dinner, he gave a devotional and led in a time of worship.

The students enjoyed the beautiful surroundings around a fire pit both evenings making s’mores and getting to know each other. Wednesday morning, before they were sent off to their mission fields, they spent time praying for each other as well as the churches that they will be serving.

This year there are six Montana resident student missionaries serving in their home or other MTSBC churches or church plants. A total of 27 students are being funded by various ways; from partner to partner churches, the Tennessee Baptist Convention and Go Now Missions from Texas or the North American Mission Board. These young men and women have an opportunity to be in the Kingdom building life changing business this summer.

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Brian Howard Blog

Why You Are Struggling to Build a Team Around You

Brian Howard,

Leadership is often lonely

This loneliness is compounded by the fact that many leaders can’t quite figure out how to put together a good team around them. These leaders have vision but no real team. They have been blessed with a lot of natural leadership ability, make decisions intuitively, and feel like it’s hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by a bunch of pigeons.

Many leaders have only themselves to blame for not having a good team around them.

Here are 4 realities that you must embrace in order to build and keep a quality team around you.

1. Sink or Swim Doesn’t Work.

Just because you were thrown into the deep end and had to sink or swim does not mean that this is the way to develop the leaders around you. Sink or Swim leads to Sink for most people. Intuitive leaders often think that everyone should travel the same path that they travelled. Because this was the path that worked for them, they assume that the sink or swim philosophy is an effective way to test potential leaders around them. When a potential leader swims (which rarely happens) leadership development is a success. When a potential leader sinks, the intuitive leader tells himself that it wasn’t meant to be. If you keep embracing the sink or swim philosophy of leadership development you will never have a quality team around you.

2. Not Everyone Thinks like you do.

Many leaders spend way too little time with developing leaders.They say things like, “If I were in that role, I would want to be left alone and have freedom.” But the reality is that you would likely not be satisfied with that role. That’s why you are the leader and you want to be the leader. But guess what? Not everyone wants to be you or thinks like you.

Assuming that a person on your team wants the same thing that you would want is a mistake. Most of the people on your team need hands on feedback, regular interaction, support, encouragement, and guidance. It’s great that you don’t want to be a micromanager, but perhaps your team needs to be developed more than you are currently doing.

3. There is no Substitute for Invested Time and Commitment.

If you want a team around you then you will need to build and develop that team. This is going to take time and energy. Sink or swim is either ignorance or laziness. Top leaders should be investing at least 1/3 of their time in developing future leaders. There just aren’t enough ready-made leaders out there to instantly create the team you need around you.

Also Read: How to Become a Leader Developing Machine

4. Time Invested in Future leaders will Pay off Exponentially.

Imagine if you could invest $1000 and be guaranteed that your investment would double in 3 months. Most of us would make that investment. I would try to make it multiple times. This is the way that investing in future leaders works. Time with your team is an investment in more productivity than you could ever produce by yourself. I often challenge leaders that I coach to do the exercise suggested in Tim Ferriss’ book The 4 Hour Workweek. If you had a heart attack, and the doctor told you that you could only work for 10 hours per week, what would you spend your 5 time blocks of two hours each doing? A wise leader would spend a majority of this time investing in others who could multiply work many times over.

Want a good team around you? You will simply have to invest the time and energy to build that team.

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Celebration for Women 2014

Montana Southern Baptist Convention

Gaye Ramsey prepares to speak.

LEWISTOWN — Over 75 women from across the state of Montana gathered together at Central Baptist Church on the weekend of April 24-26, 2014. They met to attend the annual Montana Southern Baptist Women’s Celebration for Women or commonly referred to in the Montana Southern Baptist Convention as CW.

Historically this meeting has been held in Billings, Great Falls or Helena, but the leadership team felt that this year the central location would be a good fit for most women who have long distances to travel for the weekend.

Tami Park, Paula Rasmussen and Delma Evans share about the history of Montana Southern Baptist Women.

President Tami Park prepares snacks.

Emily Feddes shares with the women.

The theme was simply entitled, Shine. Key note Speaker Gaye Ramsey of Tom Cox World Ministries used the symbol of the rainbow to show ladies how they need to shine for Christ.

Emily Feddes, from Yellowstone Christian College in Billings led breakout sessions and also spoke at the main sessions.

Pastor Frank Burns and his wonderful team at Central Baptist Church, made the event run smoothly by hosting the location. They handled the details of doing the sound. Central Baptist Church ladies fed the participants the meals, beverages and snacks at the break times. The youth worship team assisted the praise sessions led by worship leader Teri Ellison.

“The location was great, it was much easier for me to attend,” said Bethany Bennett, pastor’s wife from Conrad Baptist Church in Conrad. “The worship team was phenomenal, and the missionary speaker was excellent.”

Scheduled into the conference was a time of intentional prayer by utilizing prayer stations.

“Many ladies commented on how much they enjoyed the prayer stations,” Paula Rasmussen, Director of Montana Southern Baptist Women said. “We had a number of positive comments on the event, especially that the event had a mission emphasis.”

Key note speaker, Gaye Ramsey’s husband Eric is the president of Tom Cox World Ministries. The MTSBC Sending Team partners with TCWM in an annual trip to Peru. Gaye spoke of her mission experiences often during her platform time.

The Saturday closing session challenged women to truly make a stand for Christ in their communities.

Next year’s CW will be held in Great Falls. Former Montana Sending Team Leader and MSBW director, Pam Smith will be the key note speaker. The dates are April 23-25, 2015. The theme is Montana Originals- One of a Kind.

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William Hollan Bryant Obituary

Montana Southern Baptist Convention

William Hollan Bryant, 80, of Winter Garden, Florida, passed away to be with his Lord on May 14, 2014. He was born in Canadian, Texas on May 26, 1933 to the late Bassett M. Bryant and Catherine Nelson Bryant. He was known to all as "Dub". Dub was married to Quintella Imogene Cearley on December 28, 1953. They had just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Dub earned a MA+ degree from Southwestern Theological Seminary and pastored the following churches: Gem Baptist Church, Canadian, Texas from 1951-56, Redwine Baptist Church, Redwine, Texas from 1956-57, Eastwood Baptist Church, Gatesville, Texas from 1957-64, First Baptist Church, Rosebud, Texas from 1964-66, Bethel Baptist Church, Alamogordo, New Mexico from 1966-1982. Then he took the position of Evangelism Director for the Northern Plains Convention (North and South Dakota and Montana) from 1982-99. In 1999, Dub retired with his wife to Florida.

Dub was an active member with his wife at first Baptist Church of Central Florida. He loved the game of golf and was a great athlete in his early years. He was a great brother, husband, father, grand-father and great grand-father and will be missed. Dub is survived by his wife Quintella Imogene Bryant of Winter Garden; brother Bassett M. Bryant Jr. (Georgia) of Ruidoso, NM and his sister, Elizabeth Blackwell of Houston, TX; also his three children, Bradley Dub (Sue) Bryant of Lakeland, Florida; Brenda Jean (Craig) Johnson of New Rochelle, NY; Barton Hollan (Cathy) Bryant of Winter Garden, Florida; and eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Family Christian School of Winter Garden, FL or Florida Baptist Children's Homes, Lakeland, FL. Viewing will be held on Sunday, May 18, 2014 at 1:30 pm and funeral at 3:00 pm at the First Baptist Church of Central Florida in the Grace Building, Orlando, Florida. Professional services by Dobbs Funeral Home, 407-578-7720.


Calvary Baptist Church - Senior Pastor Job Posting

Montana Southern Baptist Convention


Full-Time (Salary – Negotiable)

Location: Rapid City, SD

Closing Date: June 30, 2014

Calvary Baptist Church in Rapid City, South Dakota is seeking a Senior Pastor who can lead the congregation through preaching and teaching to function as a New Testament church, to proclaim the gospel to believers and unbelievers, to engage in fellowship of worship, witness, education and ministry and to care for one another and the community.

REQUIREMENTS (Please see the church website below for a link to the entire Senior Pastor Job Description)

  • Must meet the biblical qualifications set forth in I Timothy 3; Titus 1; I Peter 5: 1 – 4
  • Has a Master of Divinity degree (or equivalent) from a conservative evangelical seminary or is in active pursuit thereof.
  • Has a minimum of five years experience as a pastor with a preference of having been in a Southern Baptist Convention church.
  • Be licensed and been ordained, with a preference of having been in a Southern Baptist Convention church.
  • Must have a personal conviction of calling to the pastoral ministry.
  • Must agree with and support the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.
  • Demonstrates a dynamic public speaking ability and has a love and passion for sound Biblical preaching and teaching.


    Calvary Baptist Church (CBC) was founded in 1953 in the living room of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Donaho as one of the first Southern Baptist Convention church plants in the Dakotas. Through God’s blessing and guidance, Calvary has grown and moved twice, now meeting on Highway 16, one of the main thoroughfares to the Mt. Rushmore National Monument. In 1983, Calvary Christian School (CCS) was birthed as one of the many ministries of the church. Through the years the church and school have touched the lives of literally thousands of children by teaching and training them not only in the fundamentals of academics, but by immersing them in the Word as well.


    David Leppert, Pastor Search Team Chairman;

    Calvary Baptist Church

    4601 MT. RUSHMORE ROAD | PO BOX 2434

    RAPID CITY, SD 57709

    Church Office: (605) 342-3384