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6.2-4 Summer Missionary Orientation

6.5 Staff Meeting

6.9-11 SBC Annual Meeting


7.4 Independence Day Office Closed

7.27-8.10 Peru Mission Trip

7.28-29 Send North America


7.27-8.10 Peru Mission Trip

8.5 Staff Meeting

8.8-9 MSBW Leadership Team Summer Retreat


9.7,14,21,28 Montana Missions Offering Emphasis

9.1 Labor Day Office Closed

9.4 Staff Meeting

9.16-17 MTSBC Executive Board Meeting

9.18-19 ELEVATE Training

9.30 Staff Meeting


10.7 Associational Leadership Meeting

10.7 Pastors’ Conference

10.7 Pastors’ Wives Luncheon

10.7-8 MTSBC Annual Meeting


11.6 Staff Meeting

11.20-21 ELEVATE Training

11.27-28 Thanksgiving Day Office Closed


12.30-1.7 International Missions Emphasis

12.10-11 Winter Staff Retreat

12.11 Christmas Party

12.25 Christmas

12.24-31 Office Closed


April 13 is Cooperative Program Sunday

The Montana Southern Baptist Convention

One of our distinctives as Southern Baptists is our commitment to missions, and the Cooperative Program is the primary method of our financial support of our mission work. Working together, we are a vital part of a very large work that God is doing around the world. Through the Cooperative Program we are able to accomplish together, what no single church can do alone.

In 1925 a God-given partnership of missions support was conceived. We called it the Cooperative Program. Since its launch, it has been dependent upon individuals, churches, state conventions, and SBC entities cooperating, working toward a common goal of sharing the gospel with every person on the planet.

On April 13 every MTSBC church is asked to help tell the mission story of the Cooperative Program. Every MTSBC church has been mailed the following:

1. DVD – Hear from pastors, church planters and church members on how important the Cooperative Program is to ministry right here in Montana.

2. Bulletin Inserts – These inserts entitled What is CP?, Your Way to World Missions explains how every church in Montana, regardless of size, is a part of sharing the Gospel in Montana and throughout the world.

Pastor, we are asking you to take a few minutes during your Sunday service on April 13 to show this DVD and spotlight the bulletin insert as you teach your church family how we do missions and the importance of every church cooperating together.

Through the Cooperative Program every Montana Southern Baptist Church is a part of something much larger than any one church alone. Please help us tell this story as we cooperate together in Great Commission work.


Get Real 2014

The Montana Southern Baptist Convention

Get Real 2014

Leading Through Transitions

The Montana Southern Baptist Convention

Are you a pastor that has hit the wall of a plateau or decline? Are you a pastor with some golden years of opportunity to bring health and vitality to struggling pastorless churches? Are you a church planter laying the foundation for your new church?

Then Leading through Transitions is for you. Join with us on May 19-21, 2014 at Crossroads Memorial Church/Great Falls. These topics and much more will be covered.

  • If a church grows, it must adapt its building, property, tools, resources, staff, and leadership styles.
  • If a church is in plateau or decline, it must develop a strategic plan of change so the church can turn around and begin to move forward again.
  • If a church has a major change of pastoral leadership or staff then it must prepare and adapt to the dynamic changes that are inevitable.
  • If a church encounters conflict, it must be prepared for the fall out of confrontation and the new reality that follows.

  • Here’s the best part. Your lodging is covered by the MTSBC. You must be willing to room with someone. A reservation will be made for you at the Comfort Inn across the street from the church as soon as you register.

    GO HERE to Register. Registration deadline is May 12th.

    Led by Dan Garland from Lifeway Christian resources and hosted by the MTSBC Church Strengthening Team


    Elevate Leadership Training

    The Montana Southern Baptist Convention

    The May session of Elevate - Taking Leaders to the Next Level is quickly approaching. This quarterly training is held in three regions of the state to make it more accessible for you and leaders in your church to take advantage of this ongoing opportunity. The focus of this session will be Multiplying. Please see the details below.

    Elevate Training Schedule

    Details for the May session:

  • Date: May 9
  • Time: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 pm
  • Meals: We will have snacks and beverages available for breakfast time and during the sessions. Lunch will be provided.
  • Lodging: If you will be traveling over 150 miles in order to attend Elevate and need lodging on Thursday night, please email Jeannie Hayes at We ask that you share a room if possible so that we can help offset costs.
  • Registration: You can register by going HERE. Please register by May 1.

    Youth Worker Training

    Montana Southern Baptist Women

    Friday Night

    Time: 7:30pm Snack & Coffee

    Short Opening Session


    Time: 8:30am-4:30pm Training

    Breakfast and Lunch Provided

    Deadline to RSVP: April 21, 2014

    Hotel in Helena is on your own if you choose. Host homes are an option as well... please let Jim Taber know by April 15 if this is something you'd like to do.

    From soup to nuts, this training will cover a wide array of information that will equip youth workers for every area of leadership. The material is specifically designed with the Montana student ministry in mind. Whether you are the lead pastor or volunteer at your church, this training will be 24 hours well spent and highly beneficial for your ministry for years to come! There is no cost for the training.

    If you have any questions, please call Jim Taber at 652-3161 or email him at


    Platt: Gospel Requires Cultural Engagement - Especially on Unpopular Issues

    By Hayley Schoeppler

    The gospel should compel “contrite, compassionate, courageous” cultural engagement, David Platt exhorted in a chapel message at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, March 20. Preaching from selected passages in Genesis 1-3, Platt, the pastor of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Ala., and bestselling author, pointedly challenged younger evangelicals’ “lack of zeal” and being “strangely quiet” about certain issues.

    While younger evangelicals are rightly passionate about sexual slavery, orphans and poverty, Platt said too many avoid “contentious” issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage and sexual immorality that bring Christians into conflict with the prevailing opinions of the culture.

    “Followers of Christ do not have the option of picking and choosing which social issues we are going to apply biblical truths to. … We do not have the option of choosing which battles we are going to fight and which issues we are going to flout,” he said.


    Platt outlined four biblical, gospel foundations found in Genesis that lead to four cultural implications.

    Citing Genesis 1:26-31, Platt said, “God creates us as a demonstration of his glory.” Genesis 1 itself is a “glorious tribute to the greatness of God as creator.” In some sense, humans are the “spitting image of God himself,” he said.

    Second, Genesis 2:18-25 reveals that from the beginning, “God designs us for the display of his gospel.” Platt said the passage “is not addressing dignity or value here, but role.” Godly marriages and biblically defined gender roles are a literal and figurative design “for the display of his gospel.”

    Moving to Genesis 3 for his third gospel foundation, Platt showed how “God judges us by his righteous law.” Humans have “spurned” God’s authority and have the “audacity” to question God. “We have rebelled against him and we now suffer the consequences of that sin all around us,” he said.

    Platt cited Genesis 3:15 as the fourth gospel foundation in which “God pursues us with his redeeming love.” Despite humanity’s sin and the self-centeredness resulting from sin, God does the “shocking and the scandalous”: rather than waiting for humanity to take the initiative, he “seeks after the guilty,” he said.


    After establishing these four truths forming the “essence of the gospel” and the “bedrock of our faith,” Platt offered four cultural implications.

    First, Christians should “fight abortion as an assault on God’s creation and an affront to God’s glory,” Platt implored.

    With his voice breaking, Pratt said 130,000 babies are aborted daily around the world. “I do not believe it is an overstatement to call abortion a modern holocaust; that is an understatement.”

    Platt dismissed the argument that abortion is a complex issue: “If that which is in the womb is a person formed by God, this issue is not complex at all,” he said.

    “Moral or political neutrality here is not an option for those who believe this gospel,” Platt declared. “There is a battle raging in our culture, and if you and I sit idly by while millions of children, individuals in the image of God, around us are dismembered, then we are denying basic biblical truth that forms the foundation for the gospel we claim to believe.”

    Second, Christians should “flee sexual immorality” and “defend sexual complementarity in marriage for the sake of the gospel in the world,” Platt insisted.

    He challenged the audience, “God has sovereignly brought some of you to this place to hear this one, clear word today: flee, flee the sexual immorality that you’re toying with, flirting with in your life.”

    Platt said godly marriage is a powerful display of the gospel.

    “The gospel is most clear in the world when a man and a woman come together in the one-flesh union of marriage and unite their lives with one another in a picture of Christ’s love for his church,” he said.

    In light of the climate of gay marriage and rampant sexual immorality, Platt called Christians to defend biblical complementarity, trust God and realize that as divine image-bearers, “we each have different roles in a way that does not devalue worth but actually exalts worth.”

    Platt said a third gospel implication from Genesis is to “work for justice in the world” while speaking “about the judge of the world.”

    Many churches, Platt argued, have “lost sight of the gospel” in view of social injustice, quoting Luke 10:27, which requires Christians to love their neighbors.

    Platt passionately described the plight of girls and women across the world hopelessly in bondage to the sex trafficking industry. He recalled a recent visit to Nepal where a young girl spat on him after he was unable to help her, knowing she may one day be sold into slavery.

    “What if these were our girls?” he asked. “It would change the way we live.”

    Finally, Christians should “give our lives and lead our churches to pursue peoples still unreached by God’s redeeming love,” Platt said.

    Calling 6,000 people groups totaling some two billion people “the greatest injustice in our day,” Platt asked, “What is it going to take to get us to the point where the whole concept of unreached people groups is intolerable to us?”

    In the midst of these cultural debates, Christians cannot be silent, Platt said.

    “Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is proved,” he said, citing Martin Luther. Whether abortion, poverty, slavery or sexual immorality, Platt said Christians must “refuse to pick and choose.”

    While recognizing individuals have limits of involvement, Platt asserted, “In our belief, let’s be consistent. In our proclamation, let’s be complete. In our leadership, let’s be clear. This gospel of Christ compels contrite, compassionate, courageous action on a multiplicity of cultural issues, and to engage with the gospel on the battlefronts across our culture as we give our lives to taking the gospel across cultures,” he said.

    “In the end, may it be said of us that we loved our Lord and we led his church for the demonstration of his glory and the display of his gospel amidst the most pressing issues of our day.”

    Audio and video from Platt’s sermon are available at

    Guidestone Financial Resources

    SBC Pastor Compensation Survey

    Guidestone Financial Services and Lifeway (By Shelly Moon)

    Compensation survey helps determine fair pay for Southern Baptist church pastors and staff.

    DALLAS — Ministers and church employees are invited to participate in the 2014 SBC Church Compensation Survey: a tool used by churches of all sizes to determine fair wages and benefits. Participants will be entered for a chance to win an iPad. The survey and complete contest rules are available at

    “GuideStone continues to be an advocate for pastors and church staff, ensuring that they are compensated fairly,” said O.S. Hawkins, President of GuideStone Financial Resources. “That’s why we partner with LifeWay Christian Resources and Baptist state conventions to produce this bi-annual study.”

    Survey results are not reported individually. Compensation and benefit information can be contributed anonymously.

    Each Southern Baptist church employee who participates in the survey plays a vital role in building one of the largest databases of church compensation information in the United States. Survey results provide a baseline of compensation data among similar-sized churches within each state convention. Therefore, a higher number of participants leads to a more accurate baseline of compensation data.

    “We receive numerous requests to answer compensation surveys throughout the year,” said Al Fausch, director of business and financial administration at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. “We don’t participate in them all, but we always try to complete GuideStone’s survey."

    Churches often don’t contribute to salary surveys because they don’t have time or receive enough valuable information in return. But according to Fausch, GuideStone’s survey is worth the time because it provides customized reports to allow administrators, personnel/finance committees and minister search teams to better determine adequate compensation for ministers and staff. That can be essential information for thousands of churches, which makes the survey worth the few minutes it takes to complete.

    Like many other church leaders, Fausch has accessed previous survey results when hiring new staff to ensure that employees are being compensated at competitive levels. “The results are easy to navigate,” Fausch said. “I encourage everyone to participate. We are helping each other as well as ourselves by establishing accurate benchmarks.”

    At the conclusion of the survey, GuideStone and LifeWay will compile the submitted data and provide all users with access to the results.

    “This survey, which is one of the most comprehensive of its kind, will help scores of churches as they seek to provide for those who are called to lead their congregations,” Hawkins said. Southern Baptist church ministers and staff have until May 31 to complete the online survey. Survey results will be released this summer. Survey participants will receive advance notification of the results and can begin to access the data upon notice.

    The winner of the iPad will be notified via email.

    Contact GuideStone Financial Resources with any questions or issues. Call toll free 1-888-98-GUIDE (1-888-984-8433) Monday–Friday between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. CST to speak with a customer relations specialist, or send an email to


    Shelly Moon is a marketing writer at GuideStone Financial Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.

    Media Contact — Tim Head, Executive Officer for Denominational and Public Relations Services, GuideStone Financial Resources, SBC. Contact Mr. Head via email,, or telephone at (214) 720-4706.

    Click to go to the survey

    Click here to take the survey