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5.6-7 TSBA Men's Retreat

5.6-8 Spring Staff Retreat

5.9 ELEVATE Training

5.19-21 Transitional Pastor Training

5.19-23 Yellowstone Innovators Missionary Orientation

5.26 Memorial Day Office Closed


6.2-4 Summer Missionary Orientation

6.5 Staff Meeting

6.9-11 SBC Annual Meeting


7.4 Independence Day Office Closed

7.27-8.10 Peru Mission Trip

7.28-29 Send North America


7.27-8.10 Peru Mission Trip

8.5 Staff Meeting

8.8-9 MSBW Leadership Team Summer Retreat


9.7,14,21,28 Montana Missions Offering Emphasis

9.1 Labor Day Office Closed

9.4 Staff Meeting

9.16-17 MTSBC Executive Board Meeting

9.18-19 ELEVATE Training

9.30 Staff Meeting


10.7 Associational Leadership Meeting

10.7 Pastors’ Conference

10.7 Pastors’ Wives Luncheon

10.7-8 MTSBC Annual Meeting


11.6 Staff Meeting

11.20-21 ELEVATE Training

11.27-28 Thanksgiving Day Office Closed


12.30-1.7 International Missions Emphasis

12.10-11 Winter Staff Retreat

12.11 Christmas Party

12.25 Christmas

12.24-31 Office Closed


MPact Montana Highlights

The Montana Southern Baptist Convention

CLICK TO ENLARGE Dr. John Bisagno’s messages highlighted the need to remain current in ministry strategies.

The 2014 MPACT Conference took place in Helena at the Red Lion Colonial Hotel. The seminar, under the leadership of Executive Director Fred Hewett, featured three guest speakers and twelve break-out sessions that addressed various topics relating to the conference theme, “Leadership in the Church”, and included nearly 300 attendees from all over Montana.

The guest speakers for the event were Dr. John Bisagno, Pastor Emeritus at First Baptist Church in Houston, Dr. Neil Franks, lead pastor at First Baptist Church in Branson, and Jesse Connors, founder and CEO of The dynamic worship included in each session was provided by Elevation Church in Billings, and helped prepare hearts to hear what the speakers had to say.

Dr. Bisagno’s messages highlighted the need to remain current in ministry strategies. Stan Bricker summed it up well when he said, “We have to stay current…we have to stay relevant in our churches. We have to keep up with the times. But the message never changes. The message stays the same.” Dr. Bisagno presented a multitude of ways the methods used to reach people must change, even though the message preached never will.

CLICK TO ENLARGE Dr. John Bisagno held a captive audience on Thursday and Friday night as he spoke on the need to remain current in ministry strategies.

CLICK TO ENLARGE Daniel Lambert speaking in his Breakout Session titled "Leadership in Time Management", a class on maximizing time in ministry and protecting time with God and family.

CLICK TO ENLARGE Attendees enjoyed warm fellowship, authetic worship, high-quality conferences and practical tools that they could take back home.

CLICK TO ENLARGE Bruce Cannon (center), President of Yellowstone Christian College, and Don Niemeir accept the $40,000 pledge to remodel campus dormitories.

Dr. Neil Franks spoke about the need to maintain humility in leadership positions. Steve Fowler commented, “Humility is being weak in ourselves and strong in the Lord…understanding the Holy Spirit is the strength in us and we must rely on that.” Dr. Franks encouraged pastors to demonstrate leadership that creates little fear and high amounts of trust.

The breakout sessions were a highlight of the conference that everyone was buzzing about. The sessions featured various aspects of leadership, such as (follow the links to see each Breakout session on E-Quip):

  • Small Groups using small groups to transform lives.
  • Community Outreach demonstrating Christ’s love to share the Gospel.
  • Worship leading worship through free-flowing praise.
  • Leadership Teams creative ways to grow your church.
  • Relationships improving your ability to love God and your neighbor.
  • Technology communicating more effectively with technology tools.
  • Developing the Next Generation engaging your church developing in future leaders.
  • Time Management maximizing your time in ministry.
  • Apologetics helping you answer life’s hardest questions.
  • Student Ministry growing disciples and next-generation leaders.
  • Preaching communicating effectively from the pulpit.

  • Feedback on the sessions was all positive. Greg Shawgo said the Small Groups session helped with, “Trying to figure out how we give the leaders a break and also equip them…multiplying leadership and allowing leaders to rest.” Sidney Alexander commented that the Student Ministry session, “Gave me tools to take back and be more active with the youth.” And Eddie Smith shared how the Community Outreach session encouraged him to, “Prove to the schools that you care about the schools save money without asking anything in return.”

    All-in-all, the sessions were helpful and extremely well received. All sessions are available for viewing at

    Near the end of the final session, in an unscheduled show of generosity and support, forty-thousand dollars was pledged to Yellowstone Christian College’s campaign to remodel the campus dormitories. The improvements will greatly benefit the school as they move towards gaining accreditation.

    SBC entities represented were Lifeway Christian Resources, Yellowstone Christian College, Montana Southern Baptist Women,, and NAMB.

    The Distinguished Volunteer Ministry Award was presented to Bill Prindle for his service through Disaster Relief with the North American Mission Board. Bill spent his breaks during the conference sandbagging to prevent flooding in Helena.


    The MTSBC also debuted the Cooperative Program video which you can view below. This video will be mailed out on DVD to all Montana SBC affiliated churches by April 13. To view the extended version with 7 minutes of additional interview footage, go here.

    More photos from MPact 2014 (click to enlarge):


    MPact 2014 Videos on E-Quip

    The Montana Southern Baptist Convention

    Click to see MPact Videos on E-Quip

    Did you miss a Break-out Session or a General Session at M-Pact 2014 last week? Maybe you were unable to go, but want to listen to the dynamic teaching and training at the conference.

    Now you can! The entire M-Pact 2014 conference is available online at

    Every Breakout Session, General Session, and Q&A Session is available for you to watch on-demand at your convenience.

    You can even download the audio portions and listen to them in your vehicle as you travel around. These videos can be used for personal training and encouragement, or share them with your staff, your team, or your church.

    Click here to get started today!

    Mark Langley
    Vision 20/20

    Baptism Increase in 2013

    The Montana Southern Baptist Convention

    Montana Southern Baptist Churches baptized 652 people in 2013, according to the latest information from the Annual Church Profile. The 2013 total is an increase of 46 or 8% more people baptized in our churches than in 2012.

    The increase in baptisms is the fourth yearly increase in previous five years and the largest numerical increase since 2011. “The 2020 Vision, adopted in 2011, challenges every MTSBC church to increase their baptism at a ratio of 1 baptism per 10 members.” said Mark Langley.

    Langley, Strengthening Churches Team Leader from the MTSBC staff, said that he believes one reason for the increase in baptisms is intentionality. “Our state convention is investing in evangelism (e.g. Truelife subscriptions) in our churches which sends a message that we are intentional and encouraging the same in them,” Langley said.

    Langley further explained, “I believe that the evangelism seed money that our convention has invested in our churches is beginning to pay-off. We have invested thousands of dollars into the last three state-wide campaigns of community outreach projects, Christian movie evangelism, and now The convention must continue to be on the cutting edge of evangelism ‘ideas’ which give our convention a state-wide campaign to follow.”

    Dr. Fred Hewett, State Executive Director said that he is pleased to see an increasing trend in baptisms among MTSBC churches. “However, there is still a long way to go. We are reaching a very small percentage of Montana residents. But, I praise the Lord for the direction we are heading,” said Hewett.

    40 MTSBC churches had an increase in their baptisms in 2013. 35 MTSBC churches reported no baptisms.

    Largest Percent Increase

    1. Canyon 375%

    2. Lakeview 300%

    3. Pablo 200%

    4. Roberts 200%

    5. Valley 200%

    Largest Total Baptisms

    1. Emmanuel 67

    2. East Haven 49

    3. Meadowview 47

    4. Set Free Gt Falls 40

    5. Set Free Butte 35

    6. Set Free Helena 30

    7. Crosspoint 21

    8. The Bridge 20

    8. Kirkwood 20

    9. The Rock 17

    9. Crossroads 17


    MPact Impacts Yellowstone Christian College

    The Montana Southern Baptist Convention

    Hewett, Cannon, and Niemeir react to Dr. Bisagno’s pledge of $6,000 to hit the $40,000 goal.

    MTSBC’s 2014 annual M-Pact meeting had a spontaneous, yet literal impact on Yellowstone Christian College (YCC).

    In a three-minute presentation, first-year YCC board member Dr. Don Niemeir explained the need to renovate dorm space with an estimated $40,000 materials cost. Niemeir was approached later in the evening with a $20,000 challenge for matching gifts. The donor spoke of the prompting of the Lord and belief that the need could be met immediately.

    MTSBC Executive Director Dr. Fred Hewett presented an enthusiastic appeal the following evening. To the amazement and delight of participants more than $17,000 was given or pledged, bringing the total gifts and matching dollars to $35,472. Nearly seventy-five individuals and churches participated.

    But there was more to come. Upon hearing the total dollars committed to YCC, M-Pact keynote speaker and pastor emeritus Dr. John Bisagno rounded out the offering with a commitment for the final $6,000 from himself and fellow keynote speaker Dr. Neil Franks.

    “Don told me last week of the enthusiastic Florida, Mississippi and Montana work crews who are coming this spring,” YCC President Bruce Cannon recalls, “but he said the money would have to be from the Lord at this point.” Niemeir recounted his friendship with several non-believing businessmen who had the ability to underwrite the dorm cost. After speaking with the first one, Niemeir and his wife Phyllis discussed the plan. They quickly affirmed through the Lord’s leading it would be God’s own people supplying the funds. Niemeir later said, “I threw away my list and trusted God to prompt his people.”

    Cannon thanked the M-Pact attendees for their graciousness as well as ongoing gifts from churches and individuals. “You have shown trust in the college and we are grateful. Building on the strong foundation of many years of labor by our predecessors, these are good days at YCC.” Cannon also thanked Hewett for the MTSBC support. Niemeir’s trust in the Lord’s leadership was indeed fulfilled through His people.

    Work on the dorms will be completed by YCC graduation on May 10. A tour of the dorms and the entire campus will follow the 10:00 am ceremony and reception. Montana Attorney General Tim Fox is the 2014 commencement speaker.

    Visit the YCC Homepage for more info


    Mike Tyson - Church Planters in Bozeman

    The Montana Southern Baptist Convention

    The Tyson family.

    Michael and Ariel Tyson are one of our newest church planting couples and just recently moved to Montana in October, 2013. They will be planting a new church in Bozeman, one of our AA cities. Michael is originally from Johnson City, TN. He and Ariel have been married for 6 years and have 3 children, Cale 2 ½, Gabe 18 months, and Judah 5 weeks. The Tysons are partnering with The Bridge church in Belgrade, MT to plant Bedrock Church in Bozeman, MT and are currently living in an apartment on property owned by The Bridge in Churchill, MT.

    Michael says, as a kid, he wanted to grow up to be an archeologist, a scientist, a pastor, and a farmer, all while having 10 kids. However, Michael is thankful God narrowed that down a little. At the age of 14, while at a youth camp, Michael felt God calling him into the ministry. At the age of 17 Michael surrendered to the call of the preaching ministry and later at the age of 20 knew that God was calling him into church planting specifically.

    Michael attended college at Liberty University in Virginia. While pursuing his degree in Religion with an emphasis in Biblical Studies, he also studied toward a major in Worship and Youth Ministry. Michael also attended Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina where he pursued his MDIV in North American Church Planting. He later transferred to Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.

    Some of Michael’s past ministry experience includes serving as a youth worship volunteer from the age of 14 to age 18. He has also served as a prayer leader at Liberty University, with his wife for two years as youth interns at Thomas Road Baptist Church, as an interim youth pastor at Preston Oaks Baptist Church in Roanoke VA, as a church planting intern at Bedrock Community Church in Bedford, Virginia, then, in 2010, Michael also served as a pastoral intern under Dr. Johnny Hunt at First Baptist Church in Woodstock, GA. This was during Dr. Hunt’s last year as President of the Southern Baptist Convention. While at First Baptist Woodstock, Michael worked directly with Bill Agee and completed their church planting program which consisted of a 3 level certificate program. While working at FBCW, Michael first heard about Bozeman, MT from Bill Agee. Bill shared with Michael that he had received a phone call from MTSBC and they were looking for someone to come out and partner with them to start a church in the Bozeman area. Although he was intrigued, Michael knew it was not in God’s timing for him and Ariel to answer that call. However, God never allowed Michael to forget about Bozeman, MT. Michael shared that he did extensive research on the Bozeman area and God began to break his heart for the area.

    In 2011, Michael and Ariel helped to start a church in Raleigh, NC, while attending seminary at Southeastern. In March of 2013 Michael contacted Bill Agee to see if he could help to arrange for he and Ariel to do a vision trip to the Bozeman area. In April of 2013 he and Ariel flew out to Montana and spent a week in the Bozeman area visiting and talking with other MTSBC pastors. It was during that visit that God confirmed His calling and that Michael and Ariel surrendered to God’s leading to come to Bozeman, MT to plant a church.

    Visit the Bedrock Church Bozeman website

    In June of 2013 Michael and Ariel moved from Raleigh, NC to TN. They made phone calls to see if they could find a mission house or someone willing to provide housing for them. They were offered free housing at the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home in Gray, TN. While there they were able to travel the east coast speaking in various churches and building partnerships. Some of their partnerships include First Baptist Church Woodstock, GA, Bedrock Church in Bedford, VA, and Lynn Valley Baptist Church in Elizabethton, TN, and many individual partners. They are continuing to seek to establish partnerships with 5 to 6 different churches in FL, NC, VA, and TN.

    The target area for this new church in the Bozeman area is the south side of 19th street. Their target demographic is unchurched young families. However, they have already reached a diverse age group from young single college age people to young couples with children. Michael and Ariel have a love for the outdoors and sports. They have used their hobbies and passions to engage people. Michael and Ariel are both members at The Ridge in Bozeman. Michael especially loves basketball and spends his lunch break playing basketball at The Ridge where he has met lots of people. Although they live in the Churchill area Michael and Ariel travel to the Bozeman area 6 to 7 days a week. They spend time out in the community developing relationships and engaging people in spiritual conversations. On any day of the week you might find Michael and/or Ariel at the food court in the mall, a local coffee shop, the gym, a moms group, or even talking to the cashier at Murdoch’s. They are busy out and about developing relationships with people in their target area. Through these relationships they have gathered upwards of 20 people and will start a small group that will meet regularly starting Sunday evening March 9th.

    Their goal is to launch on September 7th of 2014. Michael says they are actively seeking a place to host services and will either be meeting at a local theater, elementary school or hotel conference room.

    Michael and Ariel have been proactive in developing team and will launch with a strong leadership already in place. Bill and Candy Harvison moved from Mississippi to Montana in August of 2013. They felt God calling them to some type of ministry in Montana. The Harvisons also live in Churchill on the property owned by The Bridge. The 2 couples met and almost instantly developed a friendship that felt it was a good match and that God would have them partner together. Also joining their team will be Jacob and Cianne Martin who Michael originally met in Virginia and began to share his vision for the church plant in the Bozeman area. Jacob flew out to Montana in early March and attended MPact with the Tysons.

    William Johnson, Church Starting Team Leader, stated that he and the rest of the Church Starting Team are excited to have such a high caliber couple partnering with them to start a new work in one of our AA cities.


    We Want You in Peru

    The Montana Southern Baptist Convention

    Make plans to go on mission with the MTSBC Sending Team from July 27 through August 10, 2014.

    We will be taking a team on our third trip to the Trujillo area, partnering with Tom Cox World Ministries. Out team will be assisting with optical and medical clinics, house to house evangelism, back yard bible clubs and nightly revivals.

    This trip can be life changing. See what God has in store as you get to learn to love the Peruvian people and help the poor and needy with not only physical but spiritual needs as well. Contact Stan Bricker, at or call 406-252-7537 for more details.


    Hartleys Move

    The Montana Southern Baptist Convention

    It is often said an overseas mission trip can change your life.

    Parish and Jeanne Ann Hartley are living proof. Last July, Parish traveled for the first time to Peru with the MTSBC mission team to the city of Trujillo.

    To say that it changed their lives is an understatement.

    On the mission trip, Parish met with the staff of the Tom Cox Peruvian Baptist Theological Seminary ( El Seminario Teologico Baustista de Trujillo) as to the possibility of launching a school of missions and doing church planting. During the fall of 2013, both Parish and his wife, Jeanne Ann, traveled to the coastal city to seek confirmation of God’s call in moving to Trujillo.

    Church planting and teaching are in the Hartley’s DNA. In 2005 they moved from Mississippi to Montana to plant Capitol Baptist Fellowship in Helena. A few years later, Parish was enlisted by Yellowstone Baptist College (now named Yellowstone Christian College) to teach long distance learning in Montana’s state capitol city. Parish holds a PHD in theology. Jeanne Ann is a certified Montana educator currently teaching preschool at the Rocky Mountain Development Council in Helena.

    Familiar with Peruvian missions is Parish and Jeanne Ann’s daughter, Elizabeth Hartley, who spent time in Lima as an International Mission Board student summer missionary.

    In January of 2014, they put their home up for sale and in February moved into the basement apartment where Capitol Baptist Fellowship meets. To prepare for the move as self funded missionaries to Trujillo, they are finishing up their jobs, speaking in partnering churches and asking for support. The following is an excerpt from their latest newsletter:

    “We continue to prepare for the move to Trujillo, Peru. Most of my books are in the hands of others and soon our home will be sold. The pace of letting go quickens as June approaches. I plan to visit our partners during June and the first part of July and then to travel to Trujillo. I still plan to plant churches and do theological education.

    With the language barrier and other hindrances this will be a matter of God’s power overcoming my inability. We want to plant churches in the poverty gripped areas outside town. The people respond to the gospel and churches can be started quickly. Discipling and training leaders must be the focus in order to create self-propagating, self-supporting, indigenous churches.

    Catholicism, gifted to the Peruvians by the Spanish, holds sway over much of Peru. As in Helena, we plan to build bridges not walls as we pray for and reach out to those who nominally follow the popish church. The lessons learned here in Helena help as we pray and think about evangelism in Trujillo.

    We still do not have the support we need. I want thank those of you who have promised support or the increase of support. This is an answer to prayer. We explicitly trust our Father to provide all we need. With His call comes the necessary provision to carry out His will.

    New Mailing Address

    Beginning in June 2014 all correspondence needs to be sent to Montana Missions, c/o Bobby Inmon, P.O. Box 72, Vardaman, MS 38878.

    The gifts received through the above address will be deposited and we will electronically draw off the account in Peruvian currency. All gifts, no matter how we receive them, go toward the support of the Lord’s work and the preaching of the gospel.

    If you give your gifts through a church, then continue to do so. You may put “Parish Hartley” or “Montana Missions’ on the checks you send. On the field in Peru we will have no way of using US currency or cashing checks. Additionally, the postal system is not reliable. Pray for us as we sort through all these changes.”

    If you would like to partner with the Hartleys as they reach and teach Peruvians about Christ, please contact them at or by calling 406-461-6817.


    Montana Ladies Shine at Celebration for Women

    Montana Southern Baptist Women

    Montana Southern Baptist Women will once again host the annual Celebration for Women event. This year’s event will be held from Thursday, April 24 at 6:30pm, through Saturday, April 26 at noon. We will be hosted bCentral Baptist Lewistown.

    This year's theme of "Shine" will help you learn what it truly means to Shine for Christ, help you think outside the box on what that means, what Christ desires you to do, and what that might look like where you live and in your stage of life. Prepare to come, be challenged and changed! God is at work among the women in Montana!

    Gaye Ramsey will be our main speaker. Gaye speaks at women's events all around the country. She has traveled to more countries that we have room to name, so she has many interesting stories to share. She is a gospel singer as well as recording artist. I know you will be blessed.

    We also have Emily Feddes who will be speaking to our teenage women about what Shine will mean for them. Emily comes from a Mormon background. She accepted Christ at the age of 16 and her life has been an amazing roller coaster ever since. She is the Director of Student Life at Yellowstone Christian College.

    A very special guest speaker is Kendra from Turkey. God has placed the same message on her heart. Plus she’ll have exciting things to share from the country where she “works”.

    Our worship will be led by Terri Allison, a gifted musician! Terri, along with a team of musicians will be bringing us before the throne in worship! Come prepared to worship.

    If you need further information please check out our website at

    We hope to see you there!

    Carrie Nieuwhof

    9 Signs Your Church is Ready to Reach the Unchurched

    By Carey Nieuwhof

    Almost every church I know says they want to reach unchurched people. But few are actually doing it.

    Part of the problem stems from the fact that many churches don’t really understand unchurched people.

    And part of the problem is that our model of church is designed to reach and help churched people, not unchurched people. Churches haven’t embraced change deeply enough.

    So you can say you want to reach people all day long. You can teach about it every week. But if you haven’t designed your church around ministering to people who don’t go to church, you might as well be preaching that you want to lose weight while eating a triple cheeseburger.

    Your model simply doesn’t match your mission.

    So how do you know that your church is actually ready to reach unchurched people?

    Here are 9 signs your church is ready to embrace unchurched people:

    1. Your main services engage teenagers.

    I’ve talked with many church leaders who want to reach unchurched people who can’t understand why unchurched people don’t like their church. They would be stumped until I asked them one last question: do the teens in your church love your services and want to invite their friends? As soon as I asked that question, the leader’s expression would inevitably change. He or she would look down at the floor and say ‘no’. Here’s what I believe: if teens find your main services (yes, the ones you run on Sunday mornings) boring, irrelevant, and disengaging, so will unchurched people. As a rule, if you can design services that engage teenagers, you’ve designed a church service that engages unchurched people.

    2. People who attend your church actually know unchurched people.

    Many Christians say they want to reach unchurched people, but they don’t actually know any unchurched people well enough to invite them. One of the reasons we run almost no church programs at Connexus where I serve (other than small groups and few other steps toward discipleship) is that we want our families to get to know unchurched people. We want them to play community sports, get involved at their kids school and have time for dinner parties and more. You can’t do that if you’re at church 6 nights a week. We don’t do many ministries because our people are our ministry.

    3. Your attenders are prepared to be non-judgmental.

    Unchurched people do not come ‘pre-converted’. They will have lifestyle issues that might take years to change (and let’s be honest, don’t you?). Cleaning up your behaviour is not a pre-condition for salvation, at least not in Christianity. What God has done for us in Jesus saves us; not what we have done for God. Is your congregation really ready to love unchurched people, not just judge them? One of Jesus’ genius approaches was to love people into life change. If your people can do that, you’re ready to reach unchurched people.

    4. You’re good with questions.

    This one’s still hard for me. I like to think that every question has an answer. I think one of the reasons unchurched people flee churches is they feel shut down when every question they ask has a snappy or even quick answer. They will find answers, but you need to give them time. Embracing the questions of unchurched people is a form of embracing them.

    5. You’re honest about your struggles.

    Unchurched people get suspicious when church leaders and Christians want to appear to have it ‘all together’. Let’s face it, you don’t. And they know it. When you are honest about your struggles, it draws unchurched people closer. I make it a point to tell unchurched people all the time that our church isn’t perfect, that we will probably let them down, but that one of the marks of a Christian community is that we can deal with our problems face to face and honestly, and that I hope we will be able to work it through. There is a strange attraction in that.

    6. You have easy, obvious, strategic and helpful steps for new people.

    I am still such a fan of thinking steps, not programs. One sure sign that you are ready to handle an influx of unchurched people is that your church has a clear, easily accessible path way to move someone from their first visit right through to integration with existing Christians in small groups or other core ministries. Most churches simply have randomly assembled programs that lead nowhere in particular.

    7. You’ve dumped all assumptions.

    It’s so easy to assume that unchurched people ‘must know’ at least the basics of the Christian faith. Lose that thinking. How much do you (really ) know about Hinduism or Taoism? That’s about how much many unchurched people (really) know about Christianity. Don’t fight it. Embrace it. Make it easy for everyone to access what you are talking about whenever you are talking about it.

    8. Your ‘outreach’ isn’t just a program.

    Many Christians think having a ‘service’ for unchurched people or a program designed for unchurched people is enough. It’s not. When you behave like reaching unchurched people can be done through a program or an alternate service, you’re building a giant brick wall for unchurched people to walk into. You might as well tell them “This program is for you, but our church is for us. Sorry.”

    9. You are flexible and adaptable.

    In the future, you will not ‘arrive’. I think the approach to unchurched people and the strategy behind the mission of the church needs to be flexible and adaptable. Don’t design a ‘now we are done’ model to reaching unchurched people. You might never be done. Churches that are adaptable and flexible in their strategy (not in their mission or vision) will have the best chance of continually reaching unchurched people. “How quickly can your church change?” will become a defining characteristic of future churches.

    Those are 9 signs I see that your church is ready to reach unchurched people.

    What do you see?

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