Never Been West of St. Louis

Jessica CruschAll Enews, Strengthening Team

McCraw Family

Josh McCraw was born and raised in Mississippi and was always very involved in his church; teaching Sunday school, running the sound system, and being an able-bodied helper wherever he was needed. He provided for his family by working at UPS, spending almost 12 years there. He married his wife, Mandi, in 2005 and began a life with her and … Read More

Yellowstone Christian College Back on Mission

Bruce CannonAll Enews

Yellowstone Christian College

Forty-five years of the Lord’s blessing at Yellowstone Christian College produces kingdom fruit over many years in numerous places. We thank the men and women, many of whom are celebrating in-person with Jesus today, for participating in building YCC for God’s glory. If there was ever a time to support YCC, this is the day. You know I spoke openly … Read More

Annual Church Profile

mtsbcAll Enews, Strengthening Team


The December 15 deadline for the Annual Church Profile (ACP) is quickly approaching. Although this seems like a mundane and even unnecessary detail in your mission to advance the kingdom of God, here are some reasons why it is important: • Numbers can help us strategize, plan, and know where God is working. • They can also show us where … Read More

Brawler-turned-pastor transforms Montana church & town

Baptist PressAll Enews

Jim Webley

NOXON, Mont. (BP) — There was a petition circulating to remove violent brawler Jim Webley from town when God intervened and changed not just Webley’s life but, years later, the course of a church and a Montana community. In his early 20s, Webley was working in the gold mines of Nevada, entrenched in a rough lifestyle of drugs and alcohol, … Read More

Fighting Radical Islam with Radical Love

International Mission BoardAll Enews


A young man from Uzbekistan came to my door the other day. With dark hair that fell across his forehead and the wispy beginnings of a mustache, he didn’t look like a terrorist. He just looked hungry. He stood beside his mom as she asked for a bit of food and a dirty old pot that she could clean and … Read More

Create a Culture of Generosity in Your Church

Barrett DukeAll Enews


Very few pastors like to talk about money with their congregations. When I was a pastor, I always tried to talk about giving when the church was doing well financially so that no one could think I was just trying to rescue the budget. How God’s people use their money is very revealing about their true walk with God. Many … Read More

Get Real West

Adam BurtAll Enews, Next-Gen

Get Real West

Every major revival has begun with young people. That’s why I hope you’ll invest in the youth in your church and community by bringing them to Get Real West, November 10-11 at Crosspoint Community Church in Missoula. Our youth are under assault from the forces of darkness at a younger age than ever before. They’re being lied to about who … Read More

A Simple Strategy

Jeannie HayesAll Enews, Planting Team

Darryl Brunson has a simple philosophy when it comes to ministry. Pray hard and work hard. “Some people have said, ‘Pray like it depends on God, work like it depends on you.’ That’s what we’ve done,” says Darryl. Darryl and his wife, Veronica, along with two of their three children, moved from Alabama in the spring of 2016, to intern … Read More

Life-changing Service to God

Tyler TemperoAll Enews

Uganda Mission Team

A mission trip is one of those experiences that change who you are and the perspective that you have on the things of this life. I can say with certainty that it has done that for each of us from The Bridge Church and 3 other Bozeman area churches that were called to minister in Uganda. We may go out … Read More