Uganda Mission Trip Journal – Allen and Kristine James

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April 7, 2018

Today we continued building roof trusses. The process was just as painful as yesterday and just as unproductive. Yet, we persevered and completed the trusses. We won’t install them until next weekend.

I had a great encounter today. One of the young men who is helping with the construction is a Muslim. His name is Assuman. The Lord granted me a great opportunity to talk with him about his faith. I didn’t share the full gospel, but we had a great talk. I think we really connected.

Another young man working with us is Paul. I found out today that he is a Christian. I also found out that when you are talking to someone about whether or not they are a Christian, you have to use very specific language. Those that have been saved are referred to as “Born again.” If they tell you they are a Christian, but they do not use the phrase “Born again” they are most likely Catholic.

Kristine and Debbie worked a “jigger” clinic today. Jiggers are little parasites that burrow into the feet of the people. They lay eggs inside their feet causing great pain. The only way to get them out is to dig them out. It’s a disgusting process that leaves their feet looking like honey comb. Kristine spent much of the day painting fingernails and toenails. That was a big hit!

Tonight, we prepared to travel to Kampala where I will be preaching at one of the larger churches connected with the school in Kampala.